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Town Halls on Genes, Environment & Your Health

Town halls in five U.S. cities (Kansas City on March 8th, Phoenix on April 5th, Jackson, MS on April 19th, Portland, OR on April 24th and Philadelphia on May 13) will offer citizens the chance to examine a potential effort by healthcare agencies that would create a national “biobank.” Although biobanks provide a valuable research tool for scientists studying disease, some people have concerns, such as the use of personal information in the hands of employers, insurers, or law enforcement agencies.

Citizens who attend these important town halls will to deliberate in-the-round using various action learning techniques, collaborative work groups, and form a task force based on appreciative inquiry, to explore critical questions on genetics and vote using eForum keypads to express shared policy recommendations to scientists and policymakers alike.

No matter what your viewpoint is, we want to hear it. We want to explore it, vote on it, and build upon it so as to help the community’s consensus provide the necessary check and balance on institutional policymaking. Spread the word by posting a flyer at your local library, coffeehouse, gym, place of worship, workplace, community center, etc.! If you want a flyer to post in your neighborhood or want more information, e-mail Alexander Moll at alexander@pfidc.org.

Andy Fluke
Andy Fluke is the co-founder of NCDD and currently provides creative support to many of NCDD's publications and events. He also works with a handful of other NCDD members on a variety of projects as consultant and designer. More about his work can be found at www.andyfluke.com.

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