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Stakeholder Mapping for Collaboration – A tool for inclusiveness & diversity

This post was submitted by NCDD member Michelle Miller of MMBD Consulting via the Add-to-Blog form at www.ncdd.org/submit.

When mapping stakeholders for various initiatives, I found that existing stakeholder maps do not help identify all of the voices in a system – they do not help me as a facilitator in my quest to create the diversity and inclusiveness I need for an initiative. They do not help ensure that the whole system is represented and, even worse, they often use the language of control. As most facilitators know from experience, you cannot control stakeholders. Levels of control can vary, but control in general is anathema to collaboration. We need a fit-for-purpose stakeholder mapping tool that helps foster collaboration.

The stakeholder map for collaboration is based on three main ideas:

1) We can identify the stakeholders of a system by the questions they help us answer about an initiative.

  • Why are we doing this?
  • What are we doing?
  • How will we do it?
  • What’s possible?
  • What’s going on in reality?

2) Using a traditional symbol of the whole system, a circle, we indicate the (permeable) boundaries of a system

3) These questions create a set of “Voices” which categorize perspectives by their role in regards to an initiative:

  • Voice of Intent
  • Voice of Customer/User (or Citizen)
  • Voice of Experience
  • Voice of Design

Read the blog for the basic idea: http://bit.ly/17NFXWb

For full detail, read the paper presented at the 2013 ISPIM Conference in Helsinki: http://bit.ly/19tq51P


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