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Announcing NCDD Coffee Hour: Thursdays @ 12pm EST

Join us this Thursday for NCDD’s first “Coffee Hour.”  These informal one-hour calls will give NCDD members an opportunity to connect with each other, bring up challenges they’re facing in their work, and who knows what else… we’ll see!  This is the start of an 8-week experiment to see if regular open-topic conference calls are useful to our members.

I believe that if we open up some informal space on a weekly basis for us to connect with each other, we’ll be pleasantly surprised by what happens.  As interest grows from week to week, we can improve the design.

CoffeeHour-mug-logoWhen: Each Thursday at 12pm EST
Dial-in number: (605) 715-4920
Access code: 616033

What to bring:
1. Bring your own topic related to dialogue/deliberation such as new insights you’ve gained or challenges that you’re facing where you would like the input from others on the call.
2. Mug of coffee or tea 🙂

5 min – Small talk as we wait for everyone to join the call.
5 min– Very brief intros (Name, organization, and location in one sentence.  The question/topic that you’d like to discuss on the call in one sentence, if any.)
50 min– Free form discussion.  I’ll provide very light facilitation to periodically bring up the questions that the group raised at the beginning of the call.  If there are late-comers, I’ll ask them to introduce themselves when the conversation comes to a natural break.

1. The minimalist design is intentional (i.e. no pre-set agenda, minimal planning, easily facilitated by other community members in the future) so that this can be self-organizing and sustainable community infrastructure for the long haul.
2. You are welcome to add your name to the list of participants on the collaborative notes page so others have an idea of who will attend.

Let’s have some fun!

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Lucas Cioffi
Lucas Cioffi graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Having served one year in Baghdad as an infantry officer, he realizes the need for effective dialogue and deliberation in preventing conflict. He is passionate about advanced online deliberative platforms and is co-founder of AthenaBridge.com.

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  1. Looking forward to connecting. No hard topics, though interested in facilitating community engagement, especially face-to-face low tech direct engagement, though I love online supports of such engagement especially listservs (Google groups to the youngsters). Been on the internet since before it was the internet (anyone remember “Gopher”?) and my email address extension is from one of the first ISPs (the nonprofit International Global Communications-igc). I am quite social network challenged and generally baffled by Facebook and websites with lots of stuff all over them. I am “short-attention-span-challenged” and much more engaged by in depth communications. I am a php/mysql coder mainly because I like my web sites to do what I want them to do. I’m not much for the “current fad” in anything, including process. I’m VERY biased towards large group whole system approaches to group engagement. I love the energy that is generated by a large group of highly diverse people working together in the same room on things they really care about.

    I am an artist and have a partner who is an artist as well as a tenant (an old friend) who is an artist and we have a 44 inch giclee press we are using for our artwork and to support local artists in our unincorporated area of El Sobrante, California (near San Francisco). We also print flip charts and banners for our process work on the press.

    I work with Marc Tognotti through the Institute of the Commons on large group community engagements and trainings in large group process around the world through the Institute of the commons. Marc has a great scheme for re-structuring the federal government that will give every citizen a way to participate personally and directly in governing activities called the Neighborhood Assemblies Network. I have a high school diploma and Marc has a PhD.

    I’m turning 69 this year. I hope I am submitting this correctly. As I said, I am a bit challenged by social networking so don’t quite understand the “share via the buttons above” suggestion made above.

    • Lucas Cioffi says:

      Great, Kenoli. There will be 9 of us on the call– a good size for a call like this. Folks who are interested in the call have added their name to the collaborative notes page which is referenced in the blog post at the top of this page. I added your name to the list and pointed to your comment here so folks can learn about where you’re coming from.

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