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National Online Discussion about Health Care from March 22-April 5

Go national with your opinions about health care in America by visiting www.AmericansDiscussHealth.org from March 22 to April 5. Join citizens from around the country and post your opinions in a personal blog, explore your ideas in the discussion forums and get vocal about health care. This web-based public forum is a part of more than thirty meetings of varying sizes being convened across the United States by the Citizens’ Health Care Working Group (www.citizenshealthcare.gov). The purpose of the meetings and the online dialogue is to discuss health care benefits and services, getting health care, financing, and tradeoffs and options. This feedback from these meetings will help develop recommendations which, bylaw, the President is required to respond to and upon which Congress will hold hearings. The two-week national online discussion about health care will begin with a March 22 webcast meeting: “What’s Your Health Worth?” held from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at http://mc.umich.edu/clients/vpcomm/healthmeeting/. Visit this site after the meeting to view an archived version of the event.

The Citizens Health Care Working Group has also lined up a series of small and large-scale public meetings aimed at engaging the American public in establishing the values and priorities that must drive health care reform in 2008 and beyond. The first large-scale forum, designed and facilitated by AmericaSpeaks, was held March 4 in Los Angeles and engaged more than 500 residents from the across the city. Between January and May of 2006, more than 30 public have been scheduled across the country. To learn more about this initiative, please visit www.citizenshealthcare.gov.

Amy Lang
Amy Lang is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions at the University of British Columbia. She wrote her dissertation on British Columbia’s groundbreaking Citizens’ Assembly process, and is currently doing follow-up research on the Ontario Citizens’ Assembly.

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