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"Listening into the Future" Strategic Conversation Coming Up May 20-24

“Evolutionary Salons” are gatherings in which people share and explore how individuals, groups and societies can evolve more consciously and wisely. A third evolutionary salon is being organized for May 20-24, 2006, at the Chinook Center, a retreat setting located on Whidbey Island, an hour north of Seattle, Washington. For any questions contact evolutionary.salon@gmail.com. You can check out the stories of the first two salons (May 05 and Jan 06) at www.thegreatstory.org/ev-salon.html. The cost of the Salon is $280, and includes food costs. To register, please visit www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=234701845896. To read more about the retreat, click on the link below.

[From the event notice]

The event will start with a short exploration of evolution as an inspiring revelation profoundly relevant to our individual and collective lives. Then we’ll spend four days in a blend of Open Space http://co-intelligence.org/P-Openspace.html and World Cafe http://co-intelligence.org/P-worldcafe.html, engaged in juicy conversations and connections, with our agenda evolving in real time and no limits on independent explorations and meetings. Experience has shown us that multiple days of such open exploration among people passionate about a subject create a special energy, with shared discoveries, new collaborations, and an electric sense of possibility emerging naturally.

We will begin by grounding the salon in the most widely accepted and inspiring evolutionary understandings to date. Most of the ensuing conversation will be facilitated using methods developed to foster group opportunities for self-organization, co-creativity and emergence. There will be opportunities for those who wish to participate in extended, focused working sessions over multiple days, and also ample free time for relaxation and random conversations — we all know that important breakthroughs can easily happen during such times!

One of the dynamic tensions we will be exploring is the energy and
evolution of money. Our intention is to establish a fee arrangement that
motivates the success of current and future salons, acknowledges the value
of the effort needed to produce them, and supports the presence of you and
other leaders in this work. At this salon we will invite you to sense what
fee for the salon is right for you, given your salon experience and your
financial condition. You are warmly invited to trust that this experience
will be a positive one for you individually and that it will serve the needs
of this emergent field.

Costs have been kept to a minimum while providing for sustainability and
quality. Because the Salons are self-funding, your deposit of $280 is
calculated to cover the minimum hosting cost. Your $280 will pay for your
food costs, a small portion of the rental cost to use the facility and a
portion of the administrative out-of-pocket expenses. Space for this
Salon is limited and will be made available first-come, first-served.
Your enrollment will be complete we have received your share of
the prepayment costs for the Salon.

Your lodging costs, if you choose onsite accommodations, will be additional
and range in price from $240 (total) to camping free of charge. The
conference registration fee will be self-determined at the event in a way
that is harmonious to everyone. We have some limited financial assistance
available for youth leaders who wish to join us. In order to guarantee your
spot, we must receive your registration information AND your deposit of
$280. The onsite lodging is also limited and will be guaranteed when
full payment is received.

With the evolutionary paradigm emerging as a significant force in virtually
every facet of human endeavor, we believe it is time to start weaving these
strands together to serve a better future. We know that evolutionary
innovation and emergence is not just something that happened in the past,
but is happening right now in profound ways — developments in which we are
intimately involved. We feel an imperative for ourselves — and for society
as a whole — to become more conscious, co-creative participants in this
evolution. We believe that generative cross-disciplinary conversation among
well-networked, knowledgeable people is catalyzing an important shift in
that direction.

Amy Lang
Amy Lang is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions at the University of British Columbia. She wrote her dissertation on British Columbia’s groundbreaking Citizens’ Assembly process, and is currently doing follow-up research on the Ontario Citizens’ Assembly.

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