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Announcing the 2014 Taylor Willingham Fund Award Winner

We are excited to congratulate Mr. David E. McCracken on winning the 2014 award from the Taylor L. Willingham Legacy Fund , coordinated by our organizational partners at the National Issues Forums Institute. You can find out more about Taylor, her work in deliberation, and her legacy here. You can read the award announcement below or find the original here.

NIF-logoDavid E. McCracken, of North Carolina, is this year’s recipient of the Taylor L. Willingham Legacy Fund grant.

McCracken will be working with residents in Haywood County, North Carolina to name and frame local issues and then to conduct four community forums.

Biographic sketch and description of planned deliberative forums work from David E. McCracken:

David E. McCracken is a lifetime military and civil servant with extensive experience in leader development, domestic and international security, and peacekeeping training.  He served 29 years as an active US Army officer, mostly in Special Forces, and 13 years as a Department of Defense civil servant. He has been an independent consultant since 2012, and leads a discussion group, Great Decisions, in western North Carolina. The group encourages individuals to think critically about global issues facing policy makers.

He grew up and worked on a dairy farm during his youth, then graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and earned a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Oklahoma. He holds post-graduate certificates from both the JFK School of Government at Harvard University and MIT Seminar XXI, and also served on the faculty of National Defense University.

His decision to request a grant from the Taylor Willingham Legacy Fund (TWLF) emanated from a question raised during his local Great Decisions discussion series last year.  Research into locating a viable information program to better inform citizens on domestic issues resulted in a dearth of available options. TWLF provided the sole source to implement a local forum focused on citizen information.  In light of the opportunities during election year 2014 at the local, state and federal levels, he has been awarded a grant to conduct multiple forums to increase awareness among citizens within Haywood County, North Carolina on topics to be generated by forum participants.  The result will enable citizens to better select representatives at national, state and local levels who align with their individual priorities.  Moreover, he plans to also conduct a youth focused, leader development track that will better educate future voters to stimulate their participation as citizens so that government ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’ shall prosper.

Click here to learn more about the Taylor L. Willingham Legacy Fund.

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