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NCDD welcomes two extraordinary new Board members

This post was submitted by Barb Simonetti — the new chair of NCDD’s Board of Directors as of January.

It is my extreme pleasure to announce two wonderful new additions to NCDD’s Board of Directors. Both are longtime members and active friends of NCDD with impressive credentials.

SusanAndMartinSignsSusan Stuart Clark is the founder and Executive Director of Common Knowledge with the mission of exploring and demonstrating more inclusive and innovative approaches to achieving sustainable social change. She works with state and local government agencies, nonprofits, foundations and businesses, often facilitating multi-sector collaboratives.  New insights and possibilities generated by dialogue are the core of the work.  Susan and her colleagues gravitate to projects that that debunk the myth that the public is apathetic, that identify common ground on contentious issues and discover new resources hidden in plain sight in our communities.

Martin Carcasson is an Assistant Professor, founder and Director of the Center for Public Deliberation (CDP) at Colorado State University. The CPD is dedicated to enhancing local democracy through improved public communication and community problem-solving. The CPD was founded in August of 2006 within the Speech Communication Department at Colorado State University, and serves as an affiliate of the National Issues Forum (NIF) network. CSU undergraduates and local citizens are trained as impartial facilitators, and work with the local governments, media, the school district, and citizen organizations on various deliberative projects. Deliberation requires safe places for citizens to come together, good and fair information to help structure the conversation, and skilled facilitators to guide the deliberative process. The CPD is dedicated to providing these three key ingredients to Northern Colorado.

Susan and Martin join existing board members John Backman (Treasurer), Courtney Breese (Past Secretary), Marla Crockett (Past Chair), and Diane Miller (Secretary) and me, Barbara Simonetti (Chair). Lucas Cioffi, our previous Treasurer has stepped off the board as his term ended. We are a working board and we would all like to thank Lucas and all of our previous officers for their many contributions as we welcome Susan and Martin.

It is going to be another great year of serving and growing this extraordinary NCDD community. Learn more about all of NCDD’s Board members (and staff) at www.ncdd.org/contact.

Barbara Simonetti
Director, Meetings That Matter
Board Chair, National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD)

NCDD Community
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