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Environmental Issue Guide Series from Kettering Underway

We are excited to share that our organizational partners at the Kettering Foundation have a series of at least three issue guides for facilitating deliberation on climate issues in the works. These guides can be an important tool for helping the public deal with this crucial issue. We encourage you to read the brief statement from Kettering’s online publication below. 

kfThe Kettering Foundation is breaking ground on an exciting new project–a series of National Issues Forums (NIF) framings for environmental issues. Amy Lee and Scott London have been doing the preliminary work for about a year now, but in April, they had their first official meeting with an old friend of the foundation’s, the North American Association of Environmental Educators (NAAEE). NAAEE actually produced a number of issue guides in the long, study guide-like format back in the 1990s, and they’ve become reacquainted recently with KF through research deputy Michele Archie.

Representatives from NAAEE included board member Bora Simmons, who was involved with Michele in producing the earlier issue guides, as well as other NAAEE staff members from different arms and levels of the organization. NAAEE, much like NIF, has a large, two-way network of local chapters as well as a national level, and both ends work together. Kettering hopes to produce at least three issue frameworks with NAAEE and to experiment with NAAEE in creating new materials for forums based on those frameworks. Standard NIF issue guides are certainly one possible product, but we hope to experiment with some new formats. We’ll also be observing, with NAAEE, the effects of engaging their members and audiences in deliberation, as well as how they negotiate cooperation with other kind of actors in the environmental arena, particular advocacy groups.

The work is off to a fantastic start. NAAEE is already planning some test forums for a framing on climate change that Scott London has begun, as well as making plans for creating a matrix of local frameworks on water issues from places around the country and perhaps using other materials NIF has developed, such as the soon-to-be-released Energy guide update.

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