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A message to the NCDD community from the Board

Wow. Talk about being inspired by what is possible! The NCDD conference in the DC area last weekend was a potent mix of innovation, connection and motivation for action. 415+ people turned out to share their best thinking, broaden their networks and add their unique contribution to advancing the work of strengthening our democracy.

FieldMapWithGRsEven as partisan rhetoric heats up in an effort to amplify division and discord in advance of the November elections, the people and organizations involved in NCDD offer a countervailing narrative — one that shows how people can talk across divides and co-create fresh solutions to stale problems.

As Board members and passionate champions of the difference NCDD is making in the world, we hope you’ll join us in spreading the word about NCDD. More people need to know that it’s possible to move beyond politics as usual and bring more thoughtful dialogue and action to our communities and our country. We hope you’ll take five minutes today and share the brief blurb below with people who you think would be inspired by this work and benefit from the resources and the amazing network NCDD offers.

Tired of partisan bickering?  “Vote” for NCDD, the antidote to politics as usual.  Join a network of over 30,000 people committed to creating the conditions for constructive conversation about what matters. Now through Election Day, join the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation at the 2006 rates. You will receive a new member orientation to:

  • projects that are finding common ground for action on important issues as the national, state and local levels
  • tools that you can use to create your own community conversations
  • hundreds and hundreds of resources for dialogue and deliberation

Go to www.ncdd.org/join to get involved today!

We also ask that you support NCDD by becoming a dues-paying member, or if already a member, consider upgrading your membership. As a lean organization, we need the active support of members to continue our efforts and raise awareness of the innovations in engagement, dialogue and community-building taking place across the country. A strong and growing membership also enables us to add even more to what we can offer members to support their work.

Until November 4th, membership amounts will stay at their current levels ($25 student/$50 individual/$125 sustaining/$150 organization) but will be increasing after that date – new amounts will be $30 student/$75 individual/$150 sustaining/$200 organization. But you can lock in at current membership levels by prepaying now for two years!

You can check what membership level you are currently by looking yourself up in the directory at www.ncdd.org/directory or on this chart (which shows all members’ renewal dates and member types). To join, renew, or upgrade your membership, go to www.ncdd.org/join.

In these weeks leading up to the election, we have an opportunity to share what we know is not only possible, but is working, to reclaim our democracy. We hope you’ll take a few moments now to spread the word and express your support.

Thanks for all you are doing every day to build more resilient and thriving communities!

Barbara, Marla, Susan, Diane, Courtney, John and Martin
NCDD Board of Directors


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Susan Stuart Clark
Susan Stuart Clark founded the Common Knowledge Group, with the mission of expanding civic participation and civic imagination for a more inclusive and innovative democracy. Common Knowledge projects have pioneered new ways of “putting the public back in public policy” in California state and local government.

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