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Public Agenda & WNYC Release NY Opinion Survey Results

Last month, another great D&D-public radio partnership came to fruition – this time between Public Agenda, an NCDD member organization, and WNYC. PA conducted a survey of metro NYC residents’ opinions on key public issues and released its results in an in-depth report and a series stories on The Brian Leher Show all accompanied by PA blog posts. We encourage you to check out the results of their partnership in the PA announcement below or find the original here.

PublicAgenda-logoNew York Metropolitan Area State of Mind

Over the past year, we’ve been working with WNYC to survey residents of the New York metropolitan region. We wanted to know how area residents are thinking about public issues like education, income inequality, housing costs, taxes, crime and police-community relations.

Throughout the fall, we’ll be releasing results from that survey in coordination with WNYC. Starting Monday, October 15, tune in each day to The Brian Lehrer Show at 10 a.m. ET to hear about what we found. Will Friedman and Carolin Hagelskamp, our president and director of research, respectively, will be talking with Brian about a different story each day. If you’re not in the area, you can listen online, live or after the show.

The segments will be accompanied by blog posts from us, which we’ll post below, and reporting from WNYC’s newsroom and data viz team. Don’t miss out on any of it: follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where we’ll be providing links in real time.

In November, we’ll release a couple of formal reports summarizing everything we’ve learned. Be sure you’re registered for our email list if you want to receive those reports.

The Public Agenda/WNYC Survey is the first annual Deborah Wadsworth Fund Project and is possible thanks in large part to the generosity of our donors. The survey will help inform our next annual Deborah Wadsworth project, through which we’ll seek to find collaborative solutions to an issue local residents care and worry deeply about…


The Public Agenda/ WNYC New York Metro Area Survey was conducted between June 29 and July 21, 2015 with 1,535 residents in the New York metro area, including New York City, Long Island, Southern New York State, Northern New Jersey, and Southern Connecticut. Additional responses were collected from 219 residents on a small subset of questions between August 25 and September 4, 2015. Some questions were posed to random subsamples of the overall sample, including the reported questions on people’s view on policing and crime, which explains why the total number of responses on these questions is smaller than the total survey sample. Data were collected via phone, including cellphone, and online, and weighted to be representative of known demographics in the region.

The Results

Full Report

What’s At Issue Here?: New York Metro Area Residents on the Problems That Concern Them Most

This PDF summarizes main findings from the 2015 Public Agenda/WNYC New York Metro Area Survey.

Survey Topline

Public Agenda/ WNYC New York Metro Area Survey Topline

This document includes a full description of the questions asked in the survey, complete survey responses and a comprehensive methodology report.

Press Release, October 12, 2015

Is New York No Longer the Land of Opportunity?

New York Metropolitan Area Residents Feel Trapped by Economic Insecurity, According to New Public Agenda/WNYC Survey; Most Say Government Responds to the Wealthy, Not Them


Press Release, October 12, 2015

Public Agenda/WNYC Survey Finds Stark Racial Differences in How New York Metropolitan Area Residents View Crime, Policing

Black and Hispanic Residents Twice as Likely as Whites to View Police-Community Relations as a Serious Problem


Blog Post

What Do Residents of the Greater New York Metro Area Worry About Most?

Regardless of where they live, affordability is what residents of the greater NY metro region worry about the most.


Blog Post

New Yorkers Don’t Resent the Wealthy, But…

Most New York area residents say it’s ok for wealthy people to get wealthier as long as everyone else also has a good chance to get ahead. The problem is, people don’t feel like they’re getting that chance.

Blog Post

In Solving Region’s Problems, New York Area Residents See a Role for Government, and for Themselves

New York area residents see a place for both the government and for themselves in solutions to the region’s problems.


Blog Post

New Yorkers on Taxes: Contradictory or Common Sense?

New York area residents say high taxes are a big problem, yet they want more government spending on housing and education. What gives?

Blog Post

Police-Community Relations Strained Where Police Needed Most

Results from our recent survey with WNYC suggest that the communities that may need police the most are also likely to say their relations with the police are most problematic.

You can find the original version of this Public Agenda posting at www.publicagenda.org/pages/wnyc-new-york-metro-area-survey#sthash.F1GGrsYj.dpuf.

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