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Moving Forward with NCDD’s Emerging Leaders Initiative

During our NCDD 2016 conference, we were proud to officially announce that NCDD would be launching our new Emerging Leaders Initiative – a new effort to support and engage the next generation of D&D leaders and practitioners that NCDD has been developing since our 2014 conference on Democracy for the Next Generation. Today, we’re happy to share more details el_badge_web_01on the next steps in developing the initiative’s offerings!

What is the Emerging Leaders Initiative?

The Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELI) emerged from the NCDD members’ recognition of our need to foster long-term resilience for the field of dialogue & deliberation and that we can do that best by intentionally cultivating D&D’s next generation of leadership – that is, the younger folks in our ranks as well as those who are newer to the field.

To that end, the ELI will seek to provide extra resources and support to rising leaders in our field and to create more “on ramps” into the dialogue, deliberation, and public engagement field, especially for young people 35 and under, but also for newcomers to the field of any age. We want to offer these emerging leaders a means to become more involved in the world of D&D, connecting them with opportunities to build their capacity as practitioners, scholars, and professionals while lifting up the contributions, innovation, and leadership of young and new people in our field.

To accomplish these goals, NCDD has already created several tools that will be cornerstones of the Emerging Leaders Initiative – including the Emerging Leaders Discussion Listserv, social media forums, and a compilation of introductory D&D resources – and we are currently working on building a robust mentorship program, youth-focused webinars, and other capacity-building efforts for emerging leaders. We encourage our NCDD members, especially our younger and newer ones, to learn more about what the ELI by visiting its the brand new web page at www.ncdd.org/eli – the hub for all things related to the initiative.

Have Your Say in How the ELI Develops!

In addition to the new page, we are also launching the Emerging Leaders Survey – a short questionnaire that we’re using to better understand how we can support and collaborate with our emerging leaders. We are asking anyone in NCDD’s network or the broader field who is 35 and under, relatively new to D&D, and/or a current student to fill out the survey.

Our field is already full of promising young folks and newcomers, and we want to hear from you! This survey is your chance to directly inform what you want the Emerging Leaders Initiative to look like and how you want to be involved. Don’t miss your chance – please fill the survey out today or encourage any of the younger or newer D&D folks who you are connected with to do so!

We’re Just Getting Started

The ELI will continue to develop and evolve over time, and collaboration with our NCDD members will play a key role in how that happens. So if you want to connect with this important work and help support and cultivate the next generation of D&D leaders, please don’t hesitate to get in touch me, Roshan Bliss, NCDD’s Youth Engagement Coordinator, at roshan@ncdd.org.

On a personal note, I am incredibly honored and humbled to be spearheading the Emerging Leaders Initiative for NCDD, and I can’t wait to connect with others who understand the importance of cross-generational collaboration in dialogue, deliberation, and public engagement. The D&D field’s future is bright and full of potential, and we hope that you will support the Emerging Leaders Initiative in unlocking even more of that potential in the coming years!

Want to support the Emerging Leaders Initiative and all of the great young people in the field? Make a donation in support of the next generation of D&D!

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Roshan Bliss
An inclusiveness trainer and group process facilitator, Roshan Bliss serves as NCDD's Youth Engagement Coordinator and Blog Curator. Combining his belief that decisions are better when everyone is involved with his passion for empowering young people, his work focuses on increasing the involvement of youth and students in public conversations.

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