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TheChisel Releases the American Dream Survey Results

We are excited to lift up this article from Deborah Devedjian, Founder of TheChisel.com, on the recent results from their “What’s Your American Dream?” survey – and the results might surprise you! One of the biggest highlights they found is that of the 34 issues surveyed, Americans agreed on their #1 goal for 53% of those issues. NCDD was proud to be part of this coalition, in addition to many other organizations, including fellow NCDDers – Living Room ConversationsAllSides, and the Pepperdine School of Public Policy. We encourage you to read the announcement below or find the original version on PR Newswire’s site here.

Bipartisan Survey Shows Right, Left, and Center Agree on #1 Goal for 53% of 34 Issues

In this era of political divide and rancor, a new nationwide bipartisan coalition has just published results of the What’s Your American Dream? survey spearheaded by TheChisel.com, a unique bipartisan civic engagement platform. The results show that Americans’ shared values far outweigh their differences.

Survey shows Right, Left, and Center Agree on their #1 goal in achieving the American Dream for 53% of 34 issues surveyed. For a further 21% of issues, Right, Left, and Center share the same top 2 or 3 goals in varying order.

“The results demonstrate that, across the political spectrum, we Americans agree on important issues facing our country. Despite different vocabularies, dialects, favorite news channels, or professions, Americans still maintain many shared values,” said Michael Smerconish, radio and television host and a coalition partner.

What’s Your American Dream? breaks through the noise of entrenched media and politicians. The book paints a fuller picture of each faction’s mindset across a potentially contentious landscape. It’s a brilliant way of laying the groundwork for mutual understanding and legislative agreement,” said Pete Peterson, Dean of Pepperdine University’s School of Public Policy, a coalition partner. 

TheChisel.com’s survey and book grew out of discussions with former Members of Congress and everyday Americans. All are frustrated with being out of touch with one another.

The survey was supported by a bipartisan coalition of 30 universities, media outlets, and policy organizations spanning the political spectrum and the nation—and comprising 58 million Americans. Coalition members helped shape the survey to assure methodological rigor and avoid partisanship.

TheChisel.com hosted the survey. “As a nation, we are frustrated and face uncertainties,” said Deborah Devedjian, Founder of TheChisel.com. “We encouraged Americans to step beyond political slogans and platforms to share what matters to them.”

The survey focuses on 7 areas critical to our nation’s future: Economy; Social Justice; Liberty & Regulation; Health, Education & Care; Infrastructure & Services; Foreign Affairs; and Governance.

The 100-page book features visually-stimulating infographics making it easy to understand for a wide audience. The American Dream survey also allowed participants to share their personal stories with fellow Americans.

“Given the partisan stereotypes and soundbites, many of the commonalities will surprise readers, especially for such issues as Employment, Industry, Mental Health, Foreign Aid, Campaign Finance, Elections, and Civic Engagement,” said Erik Fogg, Editor of ReConsider Media, a collaboration partner.

“The widest divergences were among Guns, Environment, and Police. But even with those issues, there is common ground among pragmatic, compassionate people who want to move the nation forward on American constitutional ideals of freedom, prosperity, equality, and security for all,” added Fogg.

“It’s time for a new playbook – a new way to give Americans a voice outside the vitriolic partisan debate,” said Zaneeta Daver, Director of ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge of Civic Nation, a coalition partner. “It’s time we come together and encourage all Americans to make their views heard by participating in our democracy to lay the groundwork for future generations,” she added.

What’s Your American Dream? was released at the National Press Club in Washington DC at a reception for legislators, media, and the public.

TheChisel.com will share the findings with the media and deliver the report to the President, Cabinet, Members of Congress, Supreme Court, heads of federal agencies, and state governors. Check it out at  www.YesWeAgree.com.

The survey was based on 1,318 voting-age Americans reflecting 2016 Census by gender, age, race, geography, income. Respondents self-identified for political affiliation and provided numerical rankings and 5,000+ personal comments.

TheChisel.com is the first and only online civic platform based on 100% bipartisan facts and proposals. No bias. No jargon. And fun, easy-to-understand graphics. Content is developed with recognized experts from both sides of the aisle working together. Our board, advisors, investors, and team reflect America’s full political spectrum. Voice your thoughts, engage with experts, and give your feedback to TheChisel community to realize America’s aspirations.

Universities: Pepperdine School of Public Policy, University of Georgia College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Mary Government and Political Philosophy Department, University of Missouri School of Journalism, University of the Pacific Political Science Department, Williams College Forum.

Media: Associated Collegiate Press, The Citizen’s Story, Exchange Nation, Independent Voter Network, ReConsider.

Organizations: ALL-IN Campus Democracy Challenge, AllSides, Diplomat Books, Future 500, Heartfelt Leadership Institute, Hope Street Group, Inyo County Clerk-Recorder, Living Room Conversations, National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, National Speech and Debate Association, ProCon.org, Take Back Our Republic, The Democracy Commitment, The Policy Circle, Wellville, The Women’s Debate.

Sponsors: Gold: Ziggeo. Silver: Collen IP Law; The TAI Group. Bronze: AquaThority Pools & Spas; JGArchitects.

This release was shared with us via TheChisel.

Keiva Hummel
Keiva Hummel serves as NCDD’s Communications Coordinator. She graduated cum laude from San Francisco State University with a B.A. in Communication Studies, Minor in Global Peace, Human Rights and Justice Studies, and a Certificate in Conflict Resolution Studies.

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