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Oh the Places You’ll Go & People You’ll Meet at NCDD2018!

A Quick Guide to Networking at the NCDD Conference that will set you on a course for successful partnerships.

What happens when you bring together a few hundred innovators in dialogue and deliberation and give them dedicated spaces to spark conversations and partnerships? MAGIC.

Every two years, NCDD does just that. This November, our three-day conference will convene at the Sheraton Denver Downtown and include 400+ attendees from around the globe. Fellow humans passionate about public engagement ready to connect and create friendships and partnerships that will last years into the future.

NCDD’s planning team has been hard at work to ensure an environment that facilitates idea generation and times and places to find your D&D tribe.

Here’s what you need to know:

Start early! Be sure to download and use the interactive conference guide brought to us by Konveio. This will allow you to browse the events, learn more about the networking opportunities, and many of the great attendees presenting and speaking at the conference.  To learn more about how to use the guide attend the Tech Tuesday on October 23rd!

Want to get a jump start on meeting fellow NCDD attendees and don’t want to wait until Friday morning? Then make sure you check out the six pre-conference sessions being offered on Thursday, November 1st! We have limited space for available for each of the sessions, so register ASAP to reserve your seat.

Dinner Time!  Saturday night is “on your own” but what we really mean is “with new NCDD friends”. First, meet up at the hotel bar (Mix16 Lounge) and then pick a place to wander to and get into the full conference spirit by connecting over food and drink at any one of Denver’s delicious eateries.

Use the On-Site Networking Board! Those returning will fondly remember our extra-large NCDD bulletin board made to suit all of your conference networking needs. We’ll have those great networking cards that will help you post your interests and propose opportunities to connect with others.

Do not miss the plenaries! Our opening plenary will feature “lightning talks” by civic innovators to spark inspiration and will include a networking activity to assist every attendee with identifying goals for the conference and beyond. On Saturday and Sunday, we will be focusing the plenaries almost exclusively on connecting, by using Open Space and Pro Action Cafe, respectively, for folks to propose the topics and ideas they most want to connect with others about!

Places for YOU! For when you want to meet outside of our scheduled sessions, there are four rooms and a foyer available on a first-come basis. Just look for Plaza Court rooms #2, #3, #4 and #5 for more privacy and swing around to the Plaza Exhibit Foyer for more casual seating space for discussions.

We also thought it might be helpful to create a space to connect before the conference. Please use the comment section below to start finding who you want to connect with in Denver this November! Propose a meet-up over lunch, dinner, or in between, and start finding folks to join you! We’ll keep sharing and pointing people to this post up until the conference kick-off.

We hope you are as revved up as we are about NCDD 2018!

Annie Rappeport
Annie is a current Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland College Park and the NCDD intern. Her work in dialogue and deliberation began at her undergraduate university, Trinity University in San Antonio and continued with her M.Ed. work at the University of Virginia and professional time with Semester at Sea for over 5 years. She loves combining her fields of the arts and international peace education with D&D initiatives.

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  1. Kathleen Knight-Abowitz says:

    I’m interested in connecting with anyone else at the conference who is deliberating about public education. I’m working with a team in Ohio trying to start a grassroots initiative in districts to engage citizens in advocacy for public education in our state.


  2. Hello Everyone! I have a few inter-related interests and am hoping to connect with others working on innovations in dialogue on climate change that purposefully bring a gender/intersectional lens to their work. I am also interested in skill building for dialogue about climate change with disinterested, deniers or those who simply don’t think it is anything to worry about. On a related note, I have recently produced a documentary film called “Women Bending the Curve on Climate Change” and I would love to share it with anyone who is interested! Details here: https://bendthecurveproductions.com/

    Looking forward to meeting you in Denver next week.

    • Hi Joanna! If you haven’t connected already, be sure to find Linda Ellinor and Paul Cienfuegos at the conference! They are both presenting pre-conference sessions, by the way, in case either interests you.

    • Hi Johanna:

      Would love to grab you for coffee-we met at an Embrace BC event you were teaching. I’m from the Sunshine Coast and a friend of Deb Mealia’s; using D&D to create deeper connections and projects working with musicians. Ive got a poster at the Showcase too. I’m testable at 6049894223



    • Maria Talero says:

      Hi Joanna,

      Let’s connect! I’m a Denver-based educator working on hacking communication barriers to climate action. I don’t yet have strategies specifically based on gender/intersectionality, but those lenses are very important to me and I would be interested to learn how you’re using them. I will definitely check out your film. This is my Friday 3 pm. workshop:

      Storytelling, Embodied Cognition and Climate Activism: A Faster Learning Process

      Climate campaign organizations typically don’t have time to invest in face-to-face storytelling training for their activists, and climate activists sometimes view storytelling as a gimmick. Former academic philosopher Maria Talero develops communication interventions based on embodied cognition, a revolutionary area in the scientific study of consciousness. This interactive session will spotlight key practices in speeding up the storytelling learning process for Citizen’s Climate Lobby advocates and lobbyists who work to bridge the partisan climate gap in Congress and around the country.(Governor’s Square 10 – Intermediate – Skill-building)

      Feel free to text me at 720-941-5885. I’ll be joining the conference on Friday morning.

      • Joanna Ashworth says:

        HI Maria,

        I will see you at your workshop today – thanks so much for reaching out!
        best, Joanna

  3. Ross Irwin says:

    Hi all,

    I help run a national college organization called BridgeUSA that is dedicated to facilitating productive and empathetic political dialogue between college students who disagree. I’m very interested in meeting and engaging with others doing similar work in the college space. Since college campuses are typically either deeply apathetic or intensely war-like I’d love to have a discussion about best practices and methods for creating compelling and productive spaces for discussion on these campuses.

    Feel free to email me at irwin@bridgeusa.org and we can find a time to meet up at the conference to speak about the above!

    • Hi Ross! This is great work, and I know you’ll find others who will want to speak to you. One idea I want to mention – our Open Space session Saturday afternoon might be a good opportunity to connect with others around this topic. We have lots of folks who work on college campuses and lots of students attending this year who I’m sure would like to discuss!

      • Ross Irwin says:

        Sounds good! Thank you so much Courtney!

      • Ross, I agree with Courtney, that there will be a bunch of people interested in working on working on D&D across divides within the campus setting–and that the Open Space is a great opportunity for this. I am working with a small group of educators and students as part of a workshop team that focuses on these concerns (you can see more about it in the schedule–Saturday @11am–on developing D&D leaders through campus dialogues). I would bet everyone would be interested in connecting with you (I’ll bring it up). Looking forward to meeting you! –Jeff

      • Ross Irwin says:

        That’s great Jeff, I’ll be sure to attend! I’ll be presenting at 9 that same morning about preserving the campus eco-system of dialogue. Hopefully with our two presentations and Open Mind in the afternoon we can engage many people in the campus space and get a lot of heads at the table.

      • Jeff Prudhomme says:

        Ross, By the way, I met your colleague Manu Meel at the National Conference on Citizenship (not sure if he’ll be coming to NCDD as well–if not, pass along my greetings). I’ll be sure to connect you with some colleagues at Wesleyan College in Georgia, where they are working on using student-facilitated dialogues outside the classroom to address diversity and inclusion in the campus community. –Jeff

  4. Looking forward to making new connections in Denver next week.

    We offer a blended learning platform for civic and consumer education. We support Subject Matter Experts who want to offer a course, workshop, or lead forums in their areas of expertise. We provide a turn-key solution including tools and services, program design support, and collaborative marketing. We are also looking to partner with someone or with an organization to develop and run forums on the platform serving continuous learning communities, professional development communities, or topic/issue-based events.


    • Ekaterina Lukianova says:

      Michael, I would like to connect – I work as a program officer for the Kettering Foundation and am involved in designing interactive courses for our international network. We are specifically interested in integrating structured discussions or forums into an lms or finding an lms that already has this capacity.

  5. Looking to connect – maybe during Open Space time; around music and creating change / may have Courtney Hartman in tow. Who wants to join us / me?
    I can be texted at 604 989 4223.

  6. Joanna Ashworth says:

    Hi Abril,

    It would be great to meet up! Shall we look for each other at lunch time today/ or text me at 604 317 9202

    cheers, Joanna

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