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Free Civic Engagement for Rivers webinar on Oct 20

NCDD is partnering with the Security and Sustainability Forum (SSF) to promote its upcoming webinars.  SSF hosts free monthly webinars featuring decision makers who share the status and direction of programs that protect the environment, promote clean energy and address the integrity of the nation’s borders and infrastructure.

SSF welcomes NCDDers to register for the free webinar Civic Engagement for Rivers, which will take place October 20 from 2:15 to 3:15, and features two NCDD members:  Carolyn Lukensmeyer (AmericaSpeaks) and Tim Bonnemann (Intellitics).

I encourage you to participate!  You will join government officials, contractors and vendors, business services firms, financial and investment firms, law firms, researchers, and specialty companies to hear from leaders in civic engagement. View a preview of the webinar here.

Civic Engagement for Rivers: Build Success into your Sustainability Projects, led by Founder, America’s Waterway, Anne Lewis will include panel members: Robyn Colosimo, The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), White House; Dr. Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer, Founder and President of AmericaSpeaks; and Tim Bonnemann, founder and CEO of Intellitics, Inc.

Online: October 20, 2010 2:15 – 3:45pm EDT, Registration Open Now!

Learning Objectives
Through civic engagement case studies exemplifying both successes and failures, you will gain an understanding of principles and practices directly applicable to adaptive management of community water resources. Explore the water resource world today and the ways in which civic engagement can enhance watershed policy and practices. Innovative civic engagement processes and tools that are transparent, informative, empowering and build a common understanding among disparate groups will be discussed.

  • Gain insights into overcoming political stakeholder barriers
  • Learn about effective civic engagement techniques and approaches
  • Understand the complexities of whole water systems and isolate key factors in the decision making process
  • Identify useful practitioner contacts for follow-up on issues related to establishing inclusion
  • Obtain management tools for building social networks and constituencies for action

Webinar Participation
This 90 minute online webinar will include Q&A with the audience. Registration is FREE. Click here to register for Civic Engagement for Rivers: Build Success into your Sustainability Projects. SSF worked in collaboration with The Horinko Group, an environmental consulting firm, operating at the intersection of science, policy, and communications to present this public-interest series. Newton Marasco Foundation, a nonprofit inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards, is the Civic Engagement Webinar Sponsor. Visit www.securityandsustainabilityforum.org to learn more.

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Sandy Heierbacher
Sandy Heierbacher co-founded the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) with Andy Fluke in 2002, with the 60 volunteers and 50 organizations who worked together to plan NCDD’s first national conference. She served as NCDD's Executive Director between 2002 and 2018. Click here for a list of articles and resources authored by Sandy.

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  1. Thanks!

    If anyone is aware of any recent water-related projects that have made (or have tried to make) good use of web-based technology to support their public participation efforts, I’m still looking for good examples. Please leave a comment below, and I might mention them in my presentation:



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