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News from C2D2: Many Different Ways to Participate

C2D2 has just sent out the latest update on the upcoming inaugural Canadian Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation to be held in Ottawa from Oct. 27-30, 2005. In this bulletin, they describe the many ways to participate in the conference, including pre-conference training, exhibits, advertising and of course, the many workshops offered at the conference itself! To learn more about C2D2 or to register (receive a discount if you register by Sept. 15), visit www.c2d2.ca. Got questions? Contact Sandra Zagon, szagon@ascentum.ca or (613) 565-1500 or Miriam Wyman, miriam.wyman@utoronto.ca or (416) 413-0347. And to read the C2D2 bulletin in full, click on the link below.

Pre-conference Training: Thursday, August 27 is a dedicated pre-conference training day. There was an excellent response to our call for proposals for pre-conference training sessions from leaders in the field of dialogue and deliberation from across Canada and beyond. Our half day and full day workshops offer a broad spectrum of high quality, intensive skills building sessions for both in-person and on-line dialogue and deliberation. Training sessions include :

· Beyond “Democracy” to “Weocracy” – Dynamic Facilitation and the Wisdom Council
· Reconciliation Leadership
· Best Practices in Public Consultation and Citizen Engagement
· Cooperative Inquiry: How to develop inclusive partnerships
· Assembly Methodology
· Introduction to Non-Violent Communication
· Working with Mental Models
· Introduction to the Art of Hosting
· Dynamic Dialogue
· Forum Theatre
· 21st Century Dialogue
· Action Inquiry: Delving into Dialogue and Deliberation
· Deliberative Dialogue
· Group Facilitation
· Planning for Effective Public Participation
· And more…

Pre-conference Training Registration: The final pre-conference training program and the registration form will be posted at www.c2d2.ca before the end of August. To ensure a quality experience, trainers have set a minimum and maximum number for each session. The individual training sessions will be offered only if there is sufficient demand.

The training fees are $150 for a half day and $250 for full day sessions, plus GST. Because of the trainers’ commitment to C2D2 and their willingness to share their knowledge and skills, they are generously offering their expertise to C2D2 at far less than their cost. This has enabled us to offer this training at below market prices. Take advantage!

Please note that the pre-conference training is open to anyone who wants to participate; it is not limited to those who are registered for C2D2. Separate registrations are required for the pre-conference training and C2D2.


Conference Program: Our call for session proposals drew more than 90 submissions on a wide range of topics. Over 50 sessions were chosen in a peer review process We have planned a rich variety of learning opportunities for participants – four community plenaries, six community conversations, plus breakout sessions, poster sessions, and ‘tool jams.’ A full list and description will be posted on the conference web site also by the end of August.

Plenaries will model large scale dialogue and deliberation practices. “Dialogue and Deli”, on the evening of October 27, will feature the World Café technique. Plenaries on the following three days will employ other approaches such as “Circle of Inquiry”, “Open Space Technology” and “Playback Theatre” and will address such themes as: “The Hope and Promise of Dialogue and Deliberation”, “Insights from the Front lines”, and “Sustaining and Intitutionalizing Dialogue and Deliberation in Public Spaces and Political Institutions.” The names of special presenters will be included when we post the conference program.

The six “community conversations” will focus on a variety of issues including dialogue in a changing world, dialogue in the city, renewing democracy, equipping citizens for the 21st century, power and exclusion, and technology as an enabler of dialogue. Again, each session will use and model useful approaches to dialogue and deliberation.

The full conference program will be available by the end of August at www.c2d2.ca. Stay tuned for more…


Conference Registration: The next discount deadline for registering is looming – until September 15, 2005, the fee is $475 + GST; after that it jumps to $575 + GST. Save money and register before September 15!

To register, visit www.c2d2.ca. Please note that registration is complete only when payment has been received. Reminder: separate registrations are required for the conference and for pre-conference training.


Exhibits: Exhibit tables (6 x 4 feet) will be available at C2D2. The cost is $250 each, plus the cost for any additional special needs (electronic, audio-visual) + GST. Information on how to reserve one or more exhibit tables will be available on the website at www.c2d2.ca by the end of August.


Advertising: We are offering limited advertising space in the conference binder to be provided to all conference delegates. The rates vary from $100 (business card size) to $500 (full page). Information on how to secure advertising space will soon be posted on the conference website at www.c2d2.ca.

In the meantime, if you wish to reserve exhibit space or advertising space, please contact Sandra Zagon at szagon@ascentum.ca.

Visit the conference website at www.c2d2.ca on a regular basis to stay up to date on developments.

C2D2 has a broad base of support, which includes: CGI, Canadian Policy Research Networks, Public Policy Forum, Canadian Institute for Public Engagement, Ascentum, the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation, One World Inc., International Development Research Centre, the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, the Atkinson Charitable Foundation, Nuclear Waste Management Organization, International Association for Public Participation, National Capital Commission, VIA Rail and several departments of the federal government.

Amy Lang
Amy Lang is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions at the University of British Columbia. She wrote her dissertation on British Columbia’s groundbreaking Citizens’ Assembly process, and is currently doing follow-up research on the Ontario Citizens’ Assembly.

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