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Help Publicize NCDD 2008!

We can really use the help of all planning team members, NCDD members and others in getting the word out about the 2008 NCDD conference.

Here are some things you can do to help:

  1. Distribute conference postcards. Email NCDD’s Office Manager, Joy Garman (joy@ncdd.org), if you’re willing to distribute some NCDD conference postcards – especially if you’re going to be attending a conference or other gathering of people interested in communication, governance, activism, or conflict resolution in the next few months.
  2. Hand out ultra-cool “MiniMoo” cards. Also let Joy know if you’re willing to distribute some tiny (but very cool) Moo cards with pictures from past conferences on one side and the basic conference details on the other. These are about half the size of your business cards so you might find it easy to just keep some with your own cards and hand them out to people you meet who might be interested.
  3. Email your networks and colleagues. Send an email out to your contacts and networks about the conference, the call for workshops, etc. Add a personal invitation or testimony if possible to personalize your message a bit.
  4. Announce NCDD Austin in your organization’s newsletter, e-newsletter, website, etc.
  5. Add a blurb about the conference below your email signature. A sentence about NCDD Austin below your name in your emails can go a long way in raising awareness of the event! Sandy has this under her signature: Mark your calendar: NCDD’s 4th National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation is set for Austin, Texas, October 3-5, 2008. Watch our 5-minute video at www.thataway.org/8bc723 to see why you should join us in Austin! Details at www.thataway.org/events
  6. Share some hand-outs. Share this one-page Conference Handout with colleagues, at conferences, etc. If you want, print the one-page NCDD Fact Sheet on the other side of the paper so people can learn about some of the other things we offer. You may choose to send this doc to your colleagues and networks via email as well (but please include a nice description of the conference in the body of the email). Also, let us know what you think of these two one-page handouts. Clicking on the links above send you to a page where you can download the handouts AND add comments. Help us reach people better by sharing your feedback with us.

Sample Email about the Conference

Here is a long email about the conference you can pick-and-choose from.

Registration is live for NCDD Austin, and you can register now for only $375. Here’s an invitation with more details…

Join us at the 2008 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation!

Deep divisions in society show a pressing need for better communication, collaborative action, and smarter decisions. NCDD’s high-energy, highly participatory, affordable conferences bring together those who practice, hone and champion the “arts of democracy” that enable us to work together to make our relationships, our communities, and our world more aligned with our hopes and values.

The 2008 conference will draw practitioners, scholars, public leaders, trainers, artists, activists, teachers, and students from across this critically important field. Join us October 3-5 in Austin, Texas for our fourth National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation!

What is an NCDD Conference Like?

NCDD conferences are chock-full of opportunities to network with colleagues, experience innovative group methods first-hand, share learnings, hear from leaders in the field (including Bill Isaacs, Frances Moore Lappe, and Carolyn Lukensmeyer), and explore key issues together. Our conferences are not your typical panel/keynote-riddled conventions that leave you wandering the lobby. Some people say they’ve never attended better conferences.

At NCDD Austin, you can expect…

  • Highly participatory plenary sessions that allow you to experience large-group dialogue and deliberation methods while enabling the community to explore issues relevant to the field
  • Quality workshops where you focus on the issues, challenges, and questions most relevant to your work
  • Numerous opportunities to experience how the arts (graphic, performing, etc.) can enhance dialogue and deliberation
  • Formal, informal, and self-organized opportunities to network and develop relationships with others who do this work
  • Opportunities to learn from and be inspired by established leaders in the field, innovative local initiatives, young people who are enthusiastic about this work, and more.

Here is what Dave Joseph, Director of Project Development at the Public Conversations Project, wrote to us after he attended the last NCDD conference:

“I have gone to many, many, many conferences over the past 30 years. NCDD was by far the best conference I have ever attended. It was 100% isomorphic and congruent with our practices, with a focus on developing a sense of relationship, connection and community. The activities all contributed to making it extremely easy for participants to get to know each other by focusing on shared purposes, interests and goals. Plus, you had a wonderful mix of people, of course. The structure really contributed greatly to getting to meet a large number of very diverse people and have fun doing it.”

And Avril Orloff, Project Manager for Canada’s Philia Dialogue on Caring Citizenship, had these kind words for us:

“I’m still coming back to earth after the amazing NCDD conference! It was packed so full of wonderful information, ideas, resources and people that I came away utterly inspired and energized…. You’ve created something that’s going to leave a big legacy, and whose effects will just keep rippling further and further out into the world. To say nothing of a great community of practice – one that I’m honoured to associate myself with.”

Why Attend the 2008 NCDD Conference in Austin?

Although the approaches, philosophies, venues, and even our purposes for doing this work can be very different, we all share a common vision: a future where all people–regardless of income, position, background or education–are able to engage regularly in lively, thoughtful, and challenging discussions about what matters to them, in ways that have a positive impact on their lives and their world.

Making this vision a reality is no easy feat. To truly make the impact we believe we can and should have on the world, we must work together rather than just working simultaneously, and we must build on each other’s knowledge and expertise rather than starting from scratch in our own silos.

NCDD’s biennial conferences provide people who are committed to helping dialogue and deliberation flourish in the world with the opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge in these processes, share their own learnings and innovations with others, and develop supportive, collaborative relationships with their peers. Most importantly, NCDD conferences leave participants feeling more motivated, supported and prepared to do this vital work.

Learn More…

Founded in 2002, the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation is a vibrant network of over 800 organizations and individuals who engage and mobilize people across the globe around today’s most challenging issues. NCDD’s national conferences and resource-rich website (at www.ncdd.org) are crucial to the development of this emerging field of practice.

Go to www.ncdd.org/events to read more about how NCDD conferences are vastly different from most conferences, and see videos and summaries of past conferences – or send us an email with your questions. And of course you can register! The regular registration fee is only $375. Hope to see you in Austin!

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Sandy Heierbacher
Sandy Heierbacher co-founded the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) with Andy Fluke in 2002, with the 60 volunteers and 50 organizations who worked together to plan NCDD’s first national conference. She served as NCDD's Executive Director between 2002 and 2018. Click here for a list of articles and resources authored by Sandy.

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  1. Dear Sandy and Joy,
    Thank you for this information and I am very ready to help through my various networks. First, this Spring (11 Febuary to 14 April 2008) as World Campus International-Japan http://www.worldcampus.org we shall have a group of participants from more than 15 countries worldwide so I suggest that we can use the participants in the program to pass on the information to others in their respective countries. I currently represent African region and based here in Uganda.

    I suggest that you contact my boss who is the General Manager called Mr. Robert Sloat (rsloat@worldcampus.org)to findout how the information can reach the participants in Japan as well as the Japanese community.

    I am sure, your collaboration with WCI will make a very great change in information deliverly as their network is spread worldwide.

    Also, in our first city this spring we have a them to do with Conflict as you might check on our website so it will be so nice if you get in touch.

    I am going to have the same sent to Mr. Bob and copied on to you.

    Lastly, you can send me some information which I can destribute to some educational institutions here in Uganda and some friends who might be interested in attending.

    I thank you for the great work.


  2. DeAnna Martin says:

    I can take postcards to the Nexus II conference in March. I will also post something on our blog, and you might consider drafting a blog template for others to post on their blogs as well. I will also blast email our network and listservs and the listservs of which I am a part… peopleweb, network weavers, carw, nonprofit networking, group facilitators, Seattle University alumni, etc.

    Other listservs that I am not a member of would include the IAF list, IAP2, and ODN lists. I'm sure Sandy or someone in our team can post to these lists.

    That's all that's coming to mind right now… I'm sure I'll think of more!

  3. […] Also – a bunch of other ideas for getting the word out about the conference, like distributing postcards and Moo cards, are posted at http://www.thataway.org/events/?p=67. […]

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