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Christian Science Monitor features articles on civility and dialogue

The Christian Science Monitor put together an excellent issue on civility-related matters, which you can check out at www.csmonitor.com/Topics/civility.  Definitely worth a look!  Here are the articles featured…

After the Arizona shooting, the civility movement sees tipping point

Calls for unity in response to the Arizona shooting are seen as an opportunity for the civility movement to tackle partisan rancor.

Four ways to kick the partisan habit

How you can do what President Obama has asked the nation to do: move beyond the political blame game to constructive conversation. (A short list of great tips by NCDD member Laura Chasin, founder of the Public Conversations Project)

From vitriol to civility: Should parties sit together at State of the Union?

Sen. Mark Udall is proposing that Democrats and Republicans sit together at President Obama’s State of the Union address as a practical first step toward more civil political discourse.

Arizona shooting: Don’t blame Sarah Palin — get public schools to discuss politics

Ever since Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Arizona Saturday, critics have been pointing fingers at Republicans for their nasty anti-government rhetoric. They have a point. But the real problem is in our public schools, which have left millions of Americans unequipped to engage in rational politics.

Is there room for political compromise in an era of permanent campaigning?

As the 112th Congress convenes, it must work to preserve one of America’s greatest and most threatened national resources – compromise. To do this, it must rein in the mindset of constant campaigning that isn’t fit for the reality of governing.

Can we restore compromise and civility to politics?

Politics used to be the art of the possible. Now it’s the art of making pledges that render dealmaking untenable.

Conservatives vs. liberals: Before you indoctrinate your kids, read this

Clinging to polarizing ideologies is comfortable, sometimes profitable. But you can find persuasive arguments on both sides of the divide. And, like me, you might find that some of your political opposites’ ideas make sense.

Jon Stewart and a question of ‘Sanity’: why a comedian is now liberals’ No. 1 hero

As the ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’ shows, America’s liberals are increasingly turning to Jon Stewart as their most inspirational figure. Part of the reason is President Obama’s declining political fortunes, but ultimately it is the left’s desire for civility that has turned a comedian into a political star.

Free speech: What if Terry Jones went to Sweden?

A look at the global state of free speech.

Free speech: Westboro church Supreme Court case tests 1st Amendment

A Supreme Court case challenging the Westboro Baptist Church anti-gay protests will test the limits of free speech, with First Amendment implications for other forms of expression such as Quran burning and racist demonstrations.

Free speech: Some First Amendment landmarks

The First Amendment right to free speech is the most widely understood US constitutional provision.

Why Americans are so angry

From ‘tea party’ protesters to antiwar advocates, Americans on all sides of the political spectrum seem angry about something. But for all the tumult, the disaffection today is far less than in many periods in the past.

Wilson, Williams, West: Are we becoming America the boorish?

Three outbursts – by Joe Wilson, Serena Williams, and Kanye West – leave many clucking over rise of rudeness.

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