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PACE webinar to introduce LikeMinded

I received an announcement from Chris Gates of PACE (Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement) the other day… next Monday, April 18 (2:00 to 3:00 Eastern), PACE will be holding a webinar featuring “LikeMinded” — the new project of the Craigslist Foundation that “helps community success stories travel better.”

PACE LogoReserve your webinar spot now at https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/329646211.

Craigslist Foundation’s LikeMinded project began with a simple observation in late 2009: people are doing great work in their local communities, but stories about that work frequently stay local or go untold. The Craigslist Foundation, with a mission focused on building stronger neighborhoods and communities, spent 2010 developing the idea for a knowledge platform that would help stories travel from town to town and help the archives of institutionally-held community success stories travel beyond each institution’s silos.

LikeMinded has been quietly beta testing and is targeting a public announcement of the free service on April 12th. This webinar will give participants insight into both Craigslist Foundation’s community-driven program development approach and a walkthrough of LikeMinded’s key features.

Arthur Coddington, Director of Online Programs at the Craigslist Foundation, will present this webinar. Arthur leads the LikeMinded program and sees local engagement as a remedy for the frustrations that national politics can create and serches for ways that everyone can be involved, whatever their community role.

Chris Gates is the Executive Director of PACE and will moderate the webinar. PACE-Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement is an affinity group of the Council on Foundations and serves as a learning collaborative for funders doing work in the fields of civic engagement and democratic practice.

From the LikeMinded “About” page:

In LikeMinded Beta, you can discover two kinds of information about local issues you care about:

Resources: Resources are articles, videos, tools, and audio from around the web related to local community change. It’s information in its original form, available free from the source.

Projects: Projects are the story behind community change. What issue was addressed, how did the team do it, and did it work? Projects include visibility for the people and organizations who did the hard work and info about where and when it all happened. They are a great way to get a snapshot into how people addressed issues in their neighborhood.

You can discover information through the topics on our homepage, and you can explore more deeply at our full search page.

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