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Three new blogs from the Davenport Institute

Pete Peterson asked me to share some news about his organization, the Davenport Institute, with NCDDers.  Many of you know Pete as the Executive Director of Common Sense California, and remember him from the popular “conservatives panel” we held at the 2008 NCDD national conference in Austin.  As we announced last July, Common Sense CA has changed homes and morphed into the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership at Pepperdine University.

Pete wanted me to let you know that the Institute’s new website has launched at www.publicpolicy.pepperdine.edu/davenport-institute/, as has its THREE (yep – three!) blogs:

Each blog has its own RSS feed so you can sign up for whichever blog(s) interest you. Also, Pete mentioned that you can sign up for their monthly “inCommon” e-newsletter from the Davenport Institute homepage.  Here’s a bit more info about each of the blogs…

Davenport Institute Blogs

In Common

inCommon is the Davenport Institute’s Participatory Governance Blog. It explores the latest resources, studies, programs and discussions about Civic Engagement in California, throughout the nation and around the world in order to answer questions about what civic engagement looks like and why it is important for good governance, particularly at the local level.

Big Society Watch

Big Society Watch keeps readers up-to-date on highlights of the ideas, programs and controversies surrounding British Prime Minister David Cameron’s “Big Society” agenda. His plan to de-centralize services to the local level of government and supplement government service provision with citizen engagement activities is ambitious. Can it also be successful? What does the success or failure of the Big Society in Great Britain imply for civic engagement efforts and local government programs in the USA?

Government 2.0 Watch

Government 2.0 Watch offers a one-stop resource for information relating to how governments around the world use social media, geolocation, mobile apps and other technological innovations to interact with their residents. Are these tools offering new opportunities for civic engagement? Are they changing the way residents view their role in local government, creating new opportunities for citizen involvement? Or are they cementing old ideas of citizens as customers by facilitating the delivery of government services?

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