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Linkedin group on online community engagement launched

Crispin Butteriss, Director of Bang the Table (Australia) submitted this to the NCDD blog the other day using our new direct-to-blog submit form. His new Online Community Engagement group on LinkedIn is going strong, with 229 members so far and some rich discussion taking place!

Dear NCDD members and friends,

I have established a new group on LinkedIn to talk about online community engagement (at http://ow.ly/4XXai). Yes, there are lots of groups dealing with Gov 2.0 and yes there are lots of groups dealing with stakeholder and community engagement and relations. So why this group?

I wanted to create a place for people with backgrounds in the diverse sectors of traditional f2f community engagement, social media marketing, and technology development to talk to and learn from each other.

In less than two weeks there are already 180 members and lots of great discussions about all manner of interesting issues. This week’s personal highlights; online youth engagement and evaluation of online engagement.

Please feel free to join up, network, converse, share and learn!

– Crispin Butteriss

Crispin is Director of a small Australian based company, Bang the Table, specialising in the development and delivery of software for online community engagement.

Note: the LinkedIn group is most easily found by heading to LinkedIn and searching for Online Community Engagement or following this short link – http://ow.ly/4XXai.

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  1. Already a useful resource. Nice job getting it off the ground so quickly!

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