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New Booklet about Clark’s Difficult Dialogues project

The Higgins School of Humanities has just published a document called “Inviting Dialogue: Renewing the Deep Purposes of Higher Education,” which recounts the growth of the Difficult Dialogues project at Clark University, and offers a number of resources for further exploration of the work of dialogue. With stories from students, faculty, and administrators, this serves as a multi-layered inspritation for how dialogue might serve any college campus.

From the intro…

The work of the Difficult Dialogues initiative at Clark began when we responded to the Ford Foundation call for proposals in the Spring of 2005. Though there was a range of more specific issues and incentives behind their call, we took dialogue itself as our path. Examining discourse on our campus, we began to explore the possibilities for more mindful and fruitful exchanges in classrooms, campus life, faculty governance, and in relationships with the larger community.

This printed publication is only available directly from the Higgins School. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of Inviting Dialogue: Renewing the Deep Purposes of Higher Education, contact Lisa Gillingham (lgillingham@clarku.edu) with your mailing address or call the office at (508) 793-7479.

Update: We just received our copy of their book in the office and I am now hesitant to refer to it as a booklet.  This substantial 8.5×11, 128-page guide is a thorough examination of the program, written by several authors and presented in an attractive format. It’s a must read for anyone interested in dialogue, especially in academic environments.

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