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Vicki Robin to Host Workshop on Freedom in America

Vicki Robin, inventor of the Conversation Cafe and co-author of Your Money or Your Life, will be hosting a weekend retreat titled “If This is a Free Country, Why Don’t I Feel Free?” The workshop will draw on all of Vicki’s core teachings to address questions like, What is freedom for? What are limits for? When I’m tied up in knots, how do I cut through? When I lose my sense of freedom, how do I get it back? Can I feel free sexually and still be legal, moral, and married? When I’m swamped by possibilities, how do I direct my life? Why do so many Americans not feel free? For the first time publicly, Vicki will present the ideas in her new book on freedom, which is being published in 2007. The weekend will be held from May 12-14 at the Rowe Camp and Conference Center in Rowe, MA (www.rowecenter.org). Registration fees and accomodations are on a sliding scale. For information on the workshop, contact the Rowe Center at info@RoweCenter.org or call (413) 339-4954 from 9 to 6 Monday through Friday. And check out Vicki’s blog at victoriaroserobin.blogspot.com

Amy Lang
Amy Lang is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions at the University of British Columbia. She wrote her dissertation on British Columbia’s groundbreaking Citizens’ Assembly process, and is currently doing follow-up research on the Ontario Citizens’ Assembly.

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