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The NCDD Dialogue on Race, Diversity, and Inclusion

Several months ago, there was a call for more discussion about diversity, race, and inclusion in our field. Using the NCDD discussion list, I put out a call for people who would be interested in pursuing this topic further, and we had a good number of people sign up. Three small groups, each with six NCDD members, will meet one day per week via phone over the next three weeks (7-8pm EDT July 13, 20, 27).

I wanted to give readers of the blog one more chance to sign up here before 6pm EDT on July 13 in case they do not participate on the discussion list and did not hear this initiative announced.

The focus of the first week is a bit of introspection about your perception of your own identity. The focus of the second week is on obstacles and potential solutions to better race relations. The focus of the third week is the relationship between this topic and the field of dialogue and deliberation.

Again, this is an experiment and I expect that other NCDD members will build on the results of these dialogues and push the conversation farther. Thanks to Janice Ellis of USARiseUp and Ronald Winley for co-designing this experiment.

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Lucas Cioffi
Lucas Cioffi graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Having served one year in Baghdad as an infantry officer, he realizes the need for effective dialogue and deliberation in preventing conflict. He is passionate about advanced online deliberative platforms and is co-founder of AthenaBridge.com.

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  1. How did the first call go, Lucas! Feel free to share insights, reflections, notes, etc. on the blog.

  2. ron winley says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea whose time as come around again. Thge impact for America is to continue its experiement with democracy on more pluralistic grounds, with a commitment to a government of, by, and for people, not coorporations. But why can’t this conversation be handled somewhat like the Commons Course, where class comments are posted and feedback generated from a wider circle? I sometime have problems connecting by phone or computer mainly do to electricity issues. But I’m sure that many questions require some deeper reflection that cannot be served during a phone call. Please advise as to how technology might help here. Thanks

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