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Deliberate in Second Life Wed 7/27 at 7:00 pm EST

You are invited to join a continuing National Issues Forum in the virtual world of Second Life on Wednesday July 27 at 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Eastern Time). The topic is economic security in America.

To register and get information on how to join Second Life (it’s free), please complete the form at www.cvdnva.org and click the Submit button. If you need help with joining and using Second Life, we will be in touch to help you out.

Our last forum was a small and like-minded group, one that was more concerned about the actions of government than individuals in failing to prevent the recession and in needing to take further steps to remedy it.

“I hadn’t realized before how fundamental is a properly functioning financial system….Because of the distortions in the financial system supported by government, the financial system is not doing its traditional job of supporting innovation throughout the entire economy.”

“I wasn’t thinking about how the current economic crisis is an opportunity to question the fundamental design principles of our economy such as whether we even want to return to the same kind of economy we had in 2008. It would be useful to think about how to rebuild in a better way than we had before.”

We hope to broaden the discussion on July 27, and to add your point of view.

Submitted to the NCDD news blog by Beth Offenbacker and Bill Corbett, NCDD members and founders of the Center for Voter Deliberation of Northern Virginia. Learn more about us at www.cvdnva.org.

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  1. Craig Paterson says:

    I missed the last conversation, but will be there for this one. And…I can assist anyone who is apprehensive about an experience in Second Life (SL).

    No…everyone in SL doesn’t look like the avatars in the photo…hahaha! Most of us have very unremarkable avatars with the emphasis on function rather than flamboyance.

    I have three avatars for use in events like this one…simply contact me ahead of the event, and I’ll give you a little coaching and access information for an avatar. You’ll need to download a ‘viewer’ for use in SL, but you won’t need to open an account. You’ll enter SL at the right place for the conversation, so you can participate fully.

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