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Portland Facilitation Training Series

Here’s a post by NCDD supporting member Tree Bressen

The goal of the Portland Facilitation Training Series is to deepen group facilitation capacity in Portland and the surrounding area toward the larger goal of increasing community resilience. The series consists of six workshops from September 2011 through June 2012, plus live work by teams of students between workshops. Starts September 9-10, applications due by August 16.

In addition to deepening your practice, this series aims to open up possibilities for facilitating groups you aren’t a member of and offering your own trainings in group process. We are looking for people who already have good basic skills for running meetings, want to take it to the next level and are prepared to commit to attending the entire series. The form will be six workshops of one evening plus one full day (typically a Friday evening and Saturday daytime), along with substantial work outside of the formal teaching time. More information and applications are posted at http://treegroup.info/calendar/portland-series.html. Jenny Leis is serving as registar and is available to answer questions at 503-548-8459.

Tree Bressen is a skilled group facilitator whose gifts include elegant process design, holding space for tough conversations, and using good process to achieve excellent product. http://www.treegroup.info

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