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YOUTHNOISELast week, I came across YouthNoise, a web-based organization focused on providing a space for youth to discuss issues important to them (their OrangeBands). For those interested in working with an international youth-focused organization that promotes dialogue, check it out. It’s inspiring to see youth so active.

The website is dynamic and clearly makes an effort to reach out to a youthful target audience – and it’s buzzing! The discussion board activity is a clear indicator of the organization’s effectiveness in keeping the attention of youth: topics “Ending the -isms”, “International Relations”, “School & Education”, and “Health, Sexuality, & Substance Abuse” each have over 20,000 posts!

“Across the globe, youths everywhere are making a difference. Combating issues without blinking an eye, they possess the spirit and strength, along with the heartfelt belief, that they can change the world. And change the world they do! YouthNoise gives these world-changers, these hope-givers, a voice, a place to connect, and a place to inspire—and be inspired. An activist haven, a socially conscious sanctuary, YouthNoise invites youths to write, to learn, to think, and to act. A virtual conference hall, playground, coffee shop, and classroom, YouthNoise is where the difference begins.”

Kai Degner
Kai is a member of the Harrisonburg, VA city council and previously Harrisonburg mayor. As mayor, Kai brought his passion for public engagement to the forfront of his service and continues to do so as a leader in the Harrisonburg area.

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