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How to become a newDemocracy group in your country!

The recently changed newDemocracy Foundation website at (unsurprisingly) www.newdemocracy.com.au has drawn interest from academics from Europe to South America and even Japan asking us “can we copy your website and become a newDemocracy group in our country?”

New Democracy Foundation image

We have decided “yes” – we are happy to save folks some time and let ourselves become a template for others, with the ideal being that success in any one country is helpful to everyone else under the common name. We also provide the technical support of hosting and managing the site.

We have a handful of criteria: primarily that there is involvement from governance experts from recognised universities, that there is a connection with retired politicians from both sides of politics, and that groups be non-partisan and non-issue based.

If this is of interest – then please get in touch, we’d love to speak with you!

Iain Walker is Executive Director of The newDemocracy Foundation, and can be reached at iain.walker [at] newdemocracy [dot] com [dot] au

Note from NCDD:

Here is a bit more detail about The newDemocracy Foundation, from an email Iain sent to the NCDD Discussion list earlier this month:

The newdemocracy Foundation is a research organisation looking into parliamentary structures that are less adversarial and short term in their outlook. We are a non-partisan, non-issue based organisation that seeks to disseminate a wide range of researched alternatives, and fund new research where required. This frequently takes the form of practical ‘proof of concept’ trials of the academic concepts and models we publish. Take a look at www.newdemocracy.com.au.

We work from a simple premise: we don’t need better politicians, we need a better system. We research those systems and aim to put them into practice. If you have a great alternative model in mind that you think we should be publishing, then please get in touch (have a look at the 7 alternatives we have published today that are receiving a very positive response)

Our organisation brings together respected former politicians from both sides of politics, including former state premiers and federal senators. They are joined by the leading academics in fields of law and the study of democracy. Beyond this, we are receiving support from a range of organisations and business leaders across the political spectrum. There is a mood for change, and our goal is to be the trusted advisor to guide the community through a wide range of options.

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