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Countywide Community Forums Launches New Grant Program — includes up to $5,000 for nonprofits

Countywide Community Forums of King County (CCF) announced today a new grant program designed for nonprofit organizations that take part in CCF forums and online surveys. Grant applications are available online and open to any nonprofit organization operating in King County. The deadline to apply for a grant is August 22, 2011 at www.CommunityForums.org/partner/application.

Grants of $5,000, $1,500, $750, and $250 will be awarded based on the number of survey responses that an organization can acquire during the next two rounds of CCF in-person forums and online surveys beginning August 19th and running through October 16th, 2011. Survey topics will focus on how residents in unincorporated areas of King County can better engage with county government, and the upcoming county budget with a focus on the budget shortfall for Metro Transit.

Participation in the CCF forums is open to anyone living, working, or going to school in King County. Options include both in-person forums and an online survey. Over 2,000 people have registered to be, what program founders call, a Citizen Councilor. To learn more or to register, go to http://CommunityForums.org or call toll-free at (800) 369-2584.

This post was submitted to the NCDD News blog by John Spady via our new Add-to-Blog Form. The full press release is available at this link: http://tinyurl.com/CCF-Round8Grants.

John Spady is a long-time supportive member of NCDD. For more information about his work with the Countywide Community Forums, please visit this NCDD web page: https://ncdd.org/2401.

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