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$1,000 Challenge from the NCDD Board

Photo of Marla CrockettHi, I’m Marla Crockett, president of the NCDD Board of Directors.  By now you’ve probably heard about NCDD’s first ever fund drive.  Our goal is to raise $10,000 by August 10th, and thanks to so many of you, we’re 70% of the way there!  It’s an experiment for us, and we’re succeeding, perhaps because you’ve recognized the value NCDD has brought to thousands since 2002–and our need of funds to keep doing this important work.

If you haven’t contributed yet, here’s a Board Challenge to encourage you to go to www.ncdd.org/funddrive:  Over the next 24 hours, NCDD Board members will match your contributions dollar-for-dollar up to $1,000.  Your money will go twice as far for the organization, so take this opportunity and act today!

Think about how NCDD has helped you and others.  Here’s my story:  I was introduced to and became passionate about dialogue and deliberation as a journalist in the mid 1990’s and did my best to practice it there, but ultimately felt I could do more as a practitioner and consultant.  In 2008, as I was scouring the Internet for background information, I discovered NCDD’s website.  The resources and research Sandy had compiled enhanced my education and inspired me to become a member.  Several months ago I volunteered to join Sandy’s new board.  I’d gotten a lot and learned a lot from NCDD and wanted to reciprocate.

NCDD 2011 Summer Fund Drive BadgeYou can tell your own story (comment here on the blog or post to the listserv) after making your contribution today!  Encourage others to help meet this Board Challenge over the next 24 hours and make our ultimate goal of $10,000.  With 1500 members to our name, there’s a lot we can do together. Our board is diligently working  with Sandy to determine how NCDD can best benefit you in the field–and the wider public.  So, thanks for going to www.ncdd.org/funddrive to ensure that NCDD remains strong for all of us!

Marla Crockett
President, NCDD Board
Independent Consultant
Chevy Chase, MD.

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