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Submissions for National Collegiate Dialogue on Race

Here’s an opportunity for NCDDers, submitted via our Add-to-Blog form from Janice Ellis, publisher of USARiseUp

To my fellow NCDD members:

As we begin our 2nd year of the National Collegiate Dialogue on Race Relations, we would be honored to receive submissions from you to be used for the “Conversation” or “Issue” of the week. Submissions will be posted for students from colleges and universities across the country to have an online dialogue about a major issue in contemporary society–race relations. The submissions can be in the form of a position statement, research paper or article, thought-provoking question, or video lecture.

Feedback from professors and students about the last academic year confirms that we have begun a dialogue that is sorely needed.

Suggested areas for submissions include:

  • Education—achievement gap/disparities, opportunities, trends across racial/ethnic groups
  • Sociology—stereotypes and social norms, intergenerational issues regarding perceptions about race and ethnicity
  • Work Place—how race plays in job placement, career growth, wealth accumulation, etc.
  • Community—physical, cultural, traditional lines of demarcation, housing, home ownership
  • Family Values—the ever changing roles, and traditions, as well as the short-term/long-term impact
  • Politics—the potential influence of the ‘Changing Face of America”; by 2050, America will be a nation of minorities. What are the implications?
  • Any other area that will shed enlightenment, stimulate conversation, and advance the dialogue.

We welcome submissions throughout the academic year. The dialogue begins Monday, September 19th. If you wish to make a submission to be used this semester, please send it to jellis@usariseup.com. Previously published work can be submitted with appropriate permission.

Your submissions will certainly enrich the dialogue. I look forward to receiving them.

Janice S. Ellis, Ph.D., is the founder and publisher of USARiseUp.com, an online magazine dedicated to increasing understanding across race, culture, and ethnicity.

Personal Blog: www.usariseup.com/category/blog-zone/cause-and-civility.

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