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You’re ALL invited to “Occupy Cafe”

NCDD supporting member Ben Roberts is helping launch a cool new initiative tying in to Occupy Wall Street called “Occupy Cafe.”  I think many NCDD members have been looking for something like this, and I hope many of you will participate!

Ben and his partners are “creating ‘open space’ where the whole world can come together to discuss what is moving and awakening around us.” You can sign up or learn more at www.OccupyCafe.org.

Initial calls are taking place:

Mondays, October 24, 31 & November 7
8am-11am PT / 11am-2pm ET / 4pm-7pm GMT
To join this Monday’s call, click here: http://bit.ly/occupycafe1024

Ben encourages you to share this post with anyone you know in an #Occupy demonstration or who might be interested.

What is Occupy Cafe?

First of all, Occupy Cafe is a space for people active on the ground to connect directly with others who are similarly engaged around the world, and with those who wish to offer tangible support.

Additionally, those of us who are not directly involved but are captivated by these events (whether we sympathize or not) can connect with each other and with members of the movement who wish to engage more broadly with the general public. It’s an opportunity to share our thoughts and seek ways to catalyze positive action.

Occupy Cafe combines a regular series of innovative and highly interactive phone calls with an online platform for continuing and deepening the conversation.  It’s a powerful new way to engage in dialogue about what really matters.

Please go to www.OccupyCafe.org for more information, to join the conversation now and to find out about the upcoming calls.  You can also simply use the link above to register now for the first call this Monday from 11am-2pm Eastern/8am-11am Pacific.  Calls are also scheduled for the following two Mondays as well, with still more to come.  Join for all or part of any call—it’s best to come in at the top of the hour if you can.

Ben Roberts

P.S. You can use this link to join the Occupy Cafe mailing list: http://eepurl.com/gzJt1.

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