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"Gift of Peace" Premiering in January

The Gift of Peace is a three part project designed to educate, inspire civic action, and draw media/grassroots attention to and ultimately support the establishment of a US Department of Peace and Nonviolence. On January 24, 2007 a group of high profile performers, including Eric Stoltz and Frances Fisher, will be directed by Tony Award Winner, John Rubenstein in a new play about The Department of Peace in Los Angeles. The evening will raise awareness, funds and media attention for the January 27th departure of The Peace Train, which will travel by biodeisel bus across country performing the play on route to the February Department of Peace Conference in D.C. It will be making stops in Phoenix, Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta and Richmond along the way to our final performance on February 2 in D. C.

The entire process will be documented by Director’s Guild of America winning and Emmy nominated director, Tasha Oldham. The film will explore the possibility of a piece of live theater effecting a piece of legislation, the committed work of those already dedicated to the passing of this bill and interviews with fellow Americans we meet along the way. Each member of Congress will be presented with a short but compelling version of the film and the film, in its entirety, will be shared with many audiences through various screenings. For further information or ways to participate please contact: Stacey Martino at thegiftofpeace@gmail.com.

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Sandy Heierbacher
Sandy Heierbacher co-founded the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) with Andy Fluke in 2002, with the 60 volunteers and 50 organizations who worked together to plan NCDD’s first national conference. She served as NCDD's Executive Director between 2002 and 2018. Click here for a list of articles and resources authored by Sandy.

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  1. I have just published a book that you may be interested in taking with you on the Peace Train. It's for children.
    I am trying to get the word out about my new children’s fantasy adventure “The Call to Shakabaz,” which teaches young people the fundamental principles of nonviolence as practiced by Dr. King and Gandhi and is a rollicking good read to boot. This book is exceptionally different because it does not depend on a gory violent battle scene for the climax. Instead it demonstrates a peaceful resolution to conflict. In addition, all the characters in the book are Black. There are very few books for children in this genre with all Black characters. The book will be officially “launched” on January 15, 2007, in honor of Dr. King’s birthday, but copies are already in print and are selling like hotcakes in my little part of the world. Children, parents, teachers, and librarians are reading this book and loving it (Bob Spear at “Heartland Reviews” identified the book as a recommended title for reluctant readers because you can’t put it down). Please help me get the word out! Visit my website at http://www.wozabooks.com.
    This book is a great way to introduce children and teens to new perspectives on the uselessness of war and the power of peaceful conflict resolution.

    PS — If you have a moment go to my website and click on the articles link which will take you to Everyday Practices for Young People Who Want to Help Save the World — read the long version! If you don't have time then well just read the broadsheet.

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