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Spirit at Work Creative Video Contest

I thought all my fellow NCDDers would like to know that we’ve just gone live with our Spirit at Work Creative Video Contest with prizes of $7,500, $3,500 and $2,000. We’re asking you to make a short video on what spirituality and work is, or how you would promote it in a workplace. (There is no cost to enter.)

The purpose of the contest is to forward the Centre’s purpose: “Positively and strategically influencing the conversation and accomplishments about spirituality and the workplace globally.”

The video can be about work and spirit, work and spirituality, or work and faith. Make a creative case for spirituality in the workplace that involves, invites and inspires.

Make a video, Make a difference, and you could Make some money.

Could you please support us by sharing this announcement widely, and don’t forget to check in on the site from time to time to see the newest videos.

We’ve also put a Google Translate button on the site (under the Centre logo) so any non-English speaker can immediately see the entire site in their native language.

Thank for your support.


Martin Rutte
Chair of the Board
The Centre for Spirituality and the Workplace
Sobey School of Business
Saint Mary’s University
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Martin Rutte is the founder and Chair of the Board of the Centre for Spirituality and the Workplace, Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada. He is also President of Livelihood a management consulting company in Santa Fe, NM.

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