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What would you have Congress pass?

Jonathan Denn from new NCDD organizational member A Greater Publishing (aGREATER.US) is inviting NCDDers to participate in his new online participation platform…

I’ve built a platform to set a platform to make for a greater U.S. It is crowdsourcing leadership in open space. Would you like to be an innovator?

Ideas are submitted, and rated either:

***** Belongs on the GREATER BILL (Best three overall)
**** Belongs on the GREATER Platform (Best of each topic)
*** I wouldn’t mind if it were on the Platform
** Not Platform ready or
* Should NOT be on the Platform.

Any U.S. citizen over 13 years of age may participate. Youth are citizens, too!

Who better to facilitate a paradigm shift in politics than NCDD? I need NCDDers to adopt each of the 60 or so topics (we can add more), and become the facilitator/editor/scribe/caucus leader. Harvested discussions will be published as Op-Eds on aGREATER.US. This is open space, so I resist making rules except to say there is not only a need for dialogue and deliberation but ultimately for rating the ideas. That will speak volumes. It is one thing to argue a point, but if the group rates it poorly through secret “ballot” then consensus needs to be built elsewhere. And the energy can flow there, instead.

The GREATER BILL will be comprised of the best three ideas, and they will have to poll as having supermajority support among all voters. So there is no way to game the system. We will then ask the candidates to pledge to pass the GREATER BILL in the first fortnight of the next legislative session. Essentially we will be forcing government to do things that they can’t or won’t do.

The often noted flaw in this type of work is that conservatives don’t participate because they are afraid they won’t be listened to. This has been overcome with a bipartisan rating that gives equal weight to the ratings of conservatives, independents and liberals. Which is, generally speaking, a mirror of the U.S. population based on the results of almost every election in recent memory.

This is a critical time in the Presidential Election cycle and economically for our nation. The 99%/OWS movement is clearly becoming two. I see the success of the 99% as adapting what a supermajority feel should be done and having that become the leadership that Congress so blatantly lacks.

If the 60 conveners can bring 30 people with them as submitters, raters, participant in dialogue, and those 30 in turn brought 10 we would have a critical mass that would allow for an initial national advertising campaign to take aGREATER.US mainstream. aGREATER.US is free to use, advertising will be accepted to generate marketing dollars.

We can only vote every two years, but citizens can rate any and every day. This is the politics of “what and how” not “who and when?”

Would you like to be a part of what could well be the greatest experiment in democracy since 1776?

Drop me an email if you are interested in adopting a topic at jmdenn@me.com.

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