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It’s Time for ALL of Us to Focus on Electoral Reform

Robert Steele of the We the People Reform Coalition thinks NCDDers should focus their efforts on the issue of electoral reform?  What do you think?  Comment here or email Robert with your thoughts.

My name is Robert David STEELE Vivas. I have been focused on electoral reform since I watched the Florida theft take place in slow motion with Greg Palast providing all details three months in advance of election day. After that I took all the suggestions I could find, starting with Ralph Nader’s many thoughts on this, and then worked with a range of people across the spectrum to come up with an Electoral Reform Pledge and an Electoral Reform Act. Nothing I/we did was leading anywhere.

When Occupy came about, I was very excited to see that the Day of Rage Page was focused on Electoral Reform, and I scheduled myself to present at an Occupy working group on electoral reform. Someone else did a video of me and that video went to the front page of Reddit and viral beyond that [http://tinyurl.com/ER-6Minutes].

As a result of that video, an amazing–mind-boggling–assortment of serious people got in touch with me, and we ended up crowd-sourcing the Electoral Reform Act to the point that it now has eleven elements and there is broad consensus that it covers all the bases. You can find the documents online [http://tinyurl.com/OWS-ER-HO].

Now I think the time has come for NCDD to consider Electoral Reform as a high priority for dialog and then activism. Our plan is simple: we want to encourage self-organizing small groups of constituents to download the pledge, the Statement of Demand to be read on 5 January, and the two page outline of the Act, and present them personally to their Representative, asking that they sign a pledge to co-sponsor Electoral Reform legislation in January. I am working on getting Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul to be the first sponsors. Whether or not I succeed is immaterial–this is a challenge to all of us, to get all of our Representatives on the record as being for or against Electoral Reform.

Their answer can determine our votes–and if they are against it, I certainly hope the same delegation will give each of their opponents an opportunity to sign the pledge in time to make a difference in November 2012. But right now, I recommend me focus on all incumbents while they are home for the holidays.

Time is the one strategic variable that cannot be replaced or bought. I believe that the holiday season, when every Representative is home trying to raise funds and reconnect with the people they have betrayed all year, is the best possible time for NCDD to get involved in electoral reform activism.

My run for the presidency is a pulpit run–I do not have and will not raise millions of dollars with which to lie to the public via the broadcast and print media. I have a simple four part concept for taking part our government and forcing Obama — or the Americans Elect challenger — to get it right: Electoral Reform; a Coalition Cabinet; Balanced Budget; and True Cost Economics. I have already created the Coalition Cabinet, I will convene that Cabinet (or stand-ins) in January, and by the 4th of July 2012 I will present a crowd-sourced balanced budget to Congress and the President and the challengers for the Presidency–not a single one of them can do what I propose to do for one simple reason: they all lack INTEGRITY in the holistic sense of the word. They are not really interested in getting it right for We the People, they are simply interested in the power that controlling the public treasury brings to them personally. If you would like to learn more about my candidacy and my well-documented positions across all issues (including my book, ELECTION 2008: Lipstick on the Pig), all free online, visit http://bigbatusa.org/.

As I said in my video, there is nothing wrong with America the Beautiful that cannot be fixed by flushing our present corrupt Congress down the toilet. With or without me, I earnestly hope that each of you will become an Electoral Reform Activist.

Semper Fidelis,
Robert Steele

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  1. Two corrections to above.

    My email is robert.david.steele.vivas ***at*** gmail.com.

    Electoral Reform stuff was moved from Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog to be under We the People Reform Coalition Blog. The correct address for the top page (note sub-pages also) is:


    I hope NCDD will reach out to Occupy, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich supporters, and the seniors. We have solved the Medicare and Social Security and deficit problems with the Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax that REPLACES all other taxes and explodes the revenue, but we lack a government able to combine intelligence and integrity. Over to all of you, I have done what I can.

    Robert sends.

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