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Our thanks to you for a successful year!

Dear NCDD Community,

The end of the year always brings a time for reflection. 2011 was a year of accomplishments as well as challenges in the field of dialogue and deliberation. NCDD’s primary accomplishments this year included:

  • Launching a new and improved ncdd.org and members network
  • The introduction of the Idea Incubator to bring together members to support one another around ideas and projects
  • Establishment of 501(c)(3) status for NCDD
  • Opening up our news blog and resource center to direct contributions from members of our community
  • And of course, keeping the NCDD community informed of the latest opportunities, news, and resources in dialogue, deliberation and public engagement

We would never have been able to do everything this year without the support of our members. You all continue to support the success of the organization through your contributions of ideas, questions, and resources. Additionally, we were blown away by the support of our members during both our fundraising and membership drives.

In these final days of 2011, we encourage you to consider showing your support with a donation to further the work of NCDD in 2012. Not only will you be helping to advance the field, you will also reap the benefits of your tax-deductible donation. To make a donation today, please go to www.ncdd.org/donate.

Thanks for all you do, and here’s to a successful 2012!


NCDD Board of Directors
Marla Crockett, Chair
Paul Alexander, Immediate Past Chair
Lucas Cioffi, Treasurer
Courtney Breese, Secretary
John Backman
Diane Miller
Barbara Simonetti

NCDD Community
This post was submitted by a member of the NCDD community. NCDD members are leaders and future leaders in the fields of public engagement, conflict resolution, and community problem solving. You, too, can post to the NCDD blog by completing the Add-to-Blog form at www.ncdd.org/submit.

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