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Here’s an Idea Incubator post from Jon Denn of organizational member A Greater Publishing…

Common-sense supermajority-supported answers, to many of our most pressing problems, abound. But they cannot be easily found and honed because of the hyperpartisan smokescreen.

www.aGREATER.US is the only place I know of where these ideas can be aggregated. Then rated and ranked. But the final step in honing them into a platform requires the expertise of NCDDers.

I’m looking for NCDDers to adopt a topic (existing or new) and set up whatever “system” they wish—to get a finished framework for a bill in 100 days. We want to set the platform by Flag Day (the end of the primary season) and verify the platform by independent polling as having supermajority support by Independence Day.

With instantaneous communication, a vast majority of the population connected, and D&D technologies and expertise as they are, why can’t we have a figurative, if not literal, citizens’ Congress?

Once the Greater Platform is set, we will advocate for its passage with ALL the candidates. [Leave a comment here or email Jon at info@aGREATER.US if you’re interested in getting involved.]

Jon Denn is the founder of www.aGREATER.US, and operate @ElectoralSummit. He has been involved with adaptive leadership for over ten years. By day, he’s a long-time conference center director.

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  1. We’re starting to get wisdom editors on the site. Individuals who will help the best idea/bills rise and the not-so great ideas fall. Also, if you have a delicious bipartisan solution there will be others to help it score well. If you’re interested please get in contact with me.

    I think there are rather obvious bipartisan solutions to our most pressing problems. Let’s find and raise them up!

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