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I returned from a 3-day Dynamic Facilitation workshop last week inspired, challenged, and healed. For those unaware of the method, as I was prior to attending Jim and Jean Rough’s workshop in Port Townsend, let me vouch for its unique place on our D&D toolbelts – or, rather, its own color on our D&D practioner palettes. DF is different, as it relies on intuitively following the energy of the conversation and purposely probing participants to get at their root concerns and ideas. Please do check it out (3-minute audio intros).

And I want to share another simple thought: our work to provide spaces for people to be their authentic selves, share their authentic creativity and concerns, and do so in community is perhaps at its root about facilitating meaningful relationships built on genuine care for each other. As many lists are brainstormed, strategic plans are written, and human resource issues are resolved, there is potential to facilitate in a way that lets people be their full selves, rather than only their “thoughts” or only their “feelings.” When the space is designed to share both and more, problems aren’t just solved – relationships can build that transcend the problem.

When we talk from time to time about the urgent need for a movement, and struggle about what that movement is about, perhaps we can add this: a movement to elevate our process consciousness has at its root the potential and/or desire to facilitate love in a world that can make such connection a rarity.

Kai Degner
Kai is a member of the Harrisonburg, VA city council and previously Harrisonburg mayor. As mayor, Kai brought his passion for public engagement to the forfront of his service and continues to do so as a leader in the Harrisonburg area.

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