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Brief Message from member Katy Byrne

This post was submitted by NCDD member Katy Byrne from Sonoma, CA via the Add-to-Blog form

I have studied and facilitated dialogue for most of my life. I like Jim Rough’s group about how We The People can be effective in forming councils. I admire Harville Hendrix, in his original concept about the tendency we have to be competitive based on the limbic brain and how talking to each other and listening in a deeper way leads to peace but also the evolution of the species. There are many great thinkers, regarding the profound need and usefulness of dialogue.

I just want to honor what is growing here and invite you all to visit my own endeavor on conversationswithkaty.com or katybyrne.com. I have worked on radio and other venues to build conversation. I am now creating a new forum concept and ready to leap into a next vision to create a safe place for people to share their pain and find the solutions to a world in trouble.

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