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Securing the future of the nation’s benchmark deliberative democracy reform

Healthy Democracy Oregon’s ground-breaking Citizens’ Initiative Review sets the benchmark for deliberative reform and is becoming recognized as a national standard for reforming the initiative process – but its future is at stake.

Based upon the pioneering work of the Jefferson Center’s Citizen Jury method of public deliberation, the CIR employs a randomly-selected, demographically-balanced panel to hear testimony on a ballot measure, deliberate and then publish its findings in the statewide voters’ pamphlet as the Citizens’ Statement — a trusted alternative to the spin and misinformation characterizing many initiative campaigns. An award-winning National Science Foundation-funded evaluation of the 2010 test CIRs provided proof to the Oregon Legislature that they were fair, rigorous, and used by the electorate in large numbers. A team of legislators from both sides of the aisle passed legislation in June, 2011, making the CIR a permanent new feature of Oregon’s initiative process.

The 2012 election will see the first full round of CIRs. Because this new program is being funded by foundations and individuals at this stage, it is up to Healthy Democracy to raise the funds necessary to make the CIRs happen.

The strength and visibility of the August 2012 CIRs, along with a subsequent independent evaluation and benchmarks, will be integral to the CIR’s long term viability. We invite you to join us in demonstrating the promise of deliberative democracy by financially supporting the Citizen’s Initiative Review.

In recognition of the importance of what’s at stake, several donors have stepped forward with matching grants thereby doubling the impact of your donation. To support this important achievement, please visit http://healthydemocracyfund.org/donate/. Thank you!

Posted via the Add-to-Blog form by Tyrone Reitman of Healthy Democracy Oregon (an NCDD organizational member).

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