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Consciously using the tourist industry to promote peace

The Peaceful World Foundation is dedicated to connecting positive people who are traveling the world. We strengthen the network of peace leaders around the planet. To you whose lives and professions focus on making a fair, sustainable world for all – you are invited to join the thousands of drop-in guests who participate in intimate conversations at our headquarters. Located In San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury, our 18 room bed & breakfast (www.redvic.com), Peace Cafe and Peace Center works to create a positive future for our world using guided conversation and the arts.

We hold weekly conversations about how people are building the Shift, using a methodology outlined in “Peaceful World Conversations “How-to-Manual” by Red Vic founder Sami Sunchild. The stories we share are always personal. They focus on a variety of subjects: “ a turning point in my life,” “expanding my personal impact”, – perhaps “help I need,” “a hope I am acting on”, always “what I am doing and how it is working out.”

Join us in San Francisco! We also invite you to host conversations in a café or public place where you live. Come, talk about how you are manifesting your dream of a peaceful world.

Submitted via the Add-to-Blog form by NCDD supporting member Sami Sunchild of the Peaceful World Foundation.

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