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Lisa Singh’s “D&D Story”

When she renewed her NCDD membership, we asked Lisa Singh of Facilitator/Mediator/Consultant to share her “D&D story” with the NCDD community. Here is what shared…

The question is not how I got involved with NCDD, but how can anyone not be fascinated and value dialogue and deliberation?

My story is simple. Having lived in many places in the world, I came to view the ability to have a dialogue and to deliberate about important choices as central to building a viable democracy. Being able to allow more views into the arena and make an informed choice about one’s own preferences is a hallmark of freedom. Respecting the process and other choices is also valuable in a civil society.

Above all else, though, I love any opportunity to hear other people’s thoughts and to be welcomed to express my own. To me, this is the beauty if dialogue and deliberation. I don’t know how I found NCDD — but I do know that once I did, I have found it an important resource to improve my own practice and to discover others who share a similar passion.

I wish I could pepper my story with cute quips and small insights, but it is what it is!  Long live D and D!!!

I am a passionate person who believes any opportunity to connect at the human level is a valuable opportunity that must not be missed! I work many jobs and all of them involve some level of dialogue. First, I work for the Dayton Mediation Center (www.daytonmediationcenter.org) to facilitate dialogue about conflict. I also work to encourage intentional friendships between people of different classes to help move people out of poverty (www.circlescampaign.org). Or you can find me working with scientist to discuss how to creatively solve problems (www.ideaconnection.com). In each one of these endeavors, I bring people together to share their own perspectives.

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