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Deliberating with a documentary — your support is needed

Cynthia FarrarCEO & Executive Producer of Purple States LLC and a supporting member of NCDD, wanted to share this with the NCDD community.  Please visit the site Cynthia introduces below and consider contributing if you can!

I thought this would be of interest to the NCDD community — which can help give this film a chance to provoke a conversation across difference.

Follow the Leader is a remarkable account of the journeys of three politically ambitious teenagers who start with the same political identity, and follow different paths.  In a short video, Chris Bui, a master facilitator known to many NCDDers, talks about the film’s potential to get a diverse audience talking about their political values. (The trailer for the film is here.)

If he can meet his Kickstarter goal in the next THREE DAYS, the filmmaker, Jonathan Goodman Levitt, will be able to start taking this show on the road, to spark discussion about leadership with audiences that span the political spectrum.

I’m a backer, and Jonathan has sought my advice on how to make the most of the film’s potential to spur reflection on our core values — on what we have in common and where and why we part ways.

The Kickstarter page can be found at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/followtheleader/follow-the-leader-and-reality-check-interactive.

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