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Looking for a roommate for NCDD Seattle?

For those of you coming to NCDD Seattle (the 2012 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation) who want to cut down on your lodging costs, we encourage you to use the comments field on this blog post to find people interested in sharing a room at the conference hotel.

The conference is taking place at a green hotel in downtown Seattle called the Hyatt at Olive 8.  It’s a very nice place with a minimalist Asian vibe, and we encourage everyone coming in from out of town to stay at the Olive 8 for your own comfort and convenience — and because we need to fill our room block! We’ve negotiated a rate of $165/night (plus tax) for our conference attendees, which is a great rate for this hotel and for downtown Seattle in general.

If you need to cut lodging costs while still staying at the hotel, use the comment field to post that you’re interested in finding a roommate.  I think you’ll be very glad you’re staying at the conference hotel.  Staying at the Hyatt means you can take a break or nap whenever you need one, spend more time downstairs networking, and even room with someone who may become a lifelong colleague and friend. Plus you can partake in the salt water lap pool and jacuzzi.

We recommend people arrive on Thursday, October 11th (since we start Friday morning and you’ll want to take advantage of some of the cool pre-conference activities your colleagues are organizing!), and depart on Monday, October 15th (or later in the day on Sunday, October 14th if you must leave Sunday).

To get the NCDD room rate, make sure you use this link when you reserve your room:


If you just go to the Hyatt website, the hotel will appear to have no availability on our conference dates because they’re holding the remaining rooms for our group!  Plus, the regular room rate is about $250 for this hotel without our group rate.  The hotel’s phone number is 206-695-1234 in case you have a problem making your reservation online.

Our cut-off date for the reduced room rate is September 20th, so be sure to reserve your room before then!  I recommend not waiting until then, though, in case we fill up our room block early.

Here are some things you may want to include in your comment:

  1. Your name, gender, and any special requirements or considerations your potential roommate should know about you (i.e. you’re a smoker or night owl).
  2. When you’re arriving and departing (in other words, which nights you want to share a room).
  3. Email or phone (in case people would like to connect with you directly).

If you have any questions that are not addressed here, check out our logistics/travel page here, and feel free to send me an email at sandy@ncdd.org if you still have questions.

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Sandy Heierbacher
Sandy Heierbacher co-founded the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) with Andy Fluke in 2002, with the 60 volunteers and 50 organizations who worked together to plan NCDD’s first national conference. She served as NCDD's Executive Director between 2002 and 2018. Click here for a list of articles and resources authored by Sandy.

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  1. Cheryl Honey says:

    Hi all…I’m looking to room share. Don’t have a lot of extra funds so the more the merrier. We crammed six people 2 women and 4 men into a Motel 6 in Washington DC. Only paid $24 a night. We had such a great time! I’m staying on Thursday, and Friday Nights. Sharing a bed with a female is preferred, however, if guys end up in the room, that’s OK too. I can be reached at 206.240.2241. Please contact me if you need a room mate. Looking forward to sharing space with some movers and shakers. We’re gonna have such a great time!!!!

    • Cheryl Honey says:


      • John Spady says:

        $70/night with 5 nights available.
        Contact John Spady at 206-465-6963

  2. Laura Keir says:

    If you have already booked a room and are looking for a roommate please get in touch with me, or if you want to go in on a room together. I am hoping to find one or a couple people to share a room to cut down on costs, females preferred, for Friday and Saturday night. I am a graduate student, non smoking, fairly quiet and don’t think I’ll be staying up too late during the conference. Looking forward to meeting new folks in Seattle, please email me laurakeir@gmail.com, thanks!

  3. Isabelle Richman says:

    Hi! I’m a 49 year old, non smoking, college professor/married/mom woman looking for ONE single or married female roommate who will not be entertaining guests in the room. I’m an early bird, like to meet new people, but do not want other guests in the room, and will probably get up to go exercise in the am.

    • Anne Brooks says:

      Hi — I’d be interested in cost sharing for the conference hotel room. I have booked Thursday through Saturday. I’ve booked a room with 2 queens. I’d be interested in sharing with a single or married female. No entertaining in the room. Quiet preferred.

    • CK says:

      Hi there.

      I don’t know if you selected a roommate all ready or not.

      I am a quiet, clean & considerate 40 year-old trying to save on costs. I am more interested in a good nights sleep than the night life. I will be there Thursday through Sunday morning.

      If need be, I would be happy to bring a sleeping bag.

      Please e-mail me and let me know if this opportunity is still available.

    • Also interested. Driving in from Portland on Friday, leaving Sunday.

  4. Kim Ghostkeeper says:

    Hi all…just want to mention that I’m considering the hostel. I stayed at one in Chicago and it was great. Met interesting people and it was easy to get back and forth to the venue. Anyone else interested?

  5. CK says:

    I am looking to share a room with someone who has already secured a room.

    I am quiet, clean & considerate & easy to get along with.

    I am happy to bring a sleeping bag and sleep on the floor if necessary.

    Thanks so much!

    • John Kelly says:

      I have rented an apartment 1.1 miles from the Olive 8 Hyatt at Pioneer Square. You should be able to see it if you go to airbnb.com. Owner is Anastasia. Looks like there will be a couch and floor space in the living room available if I take the loft bedroom. I’m prepared to walk to and from the Hyatt but I understand there is bus service as well. Let me know if you are interested in sharing. In addition to NCDD membership I am on Linkedin.

    • Cheryl Honey says:

      Hi CK…you can stay with me if you’d like. You can call me at 206.240.2241. Only $50/night. What nights are you staying?

      • CK says:

        Hey Cheryl Honey,

        Thanks so much for the invite. I wish I would have seen it sooner. I all ready booked my place.

        If you are still looking check out the Airbnb site. They may have some helpful options for you.

        Best of luck!

  6. Ellie Richard says:

    Hi All,

    Looking to share a quiet room with another considerate woman who values good sleep while at a conference. I’m a 52 yo grad student, wife, mom who is looking to head to Seattle kind of last-minute-ish, from N.C. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    • John Spady says:

      Hi Ellie,
      I have a second guest room at my condo available for $70/night for up to 5 nights. About 1.2 miles from the conference hotel. Others here will meet for breakfast and then stuff ourselves into a carpool or walk the 25 easy minutes to the hotel in the early morning sunshine. Give me a call or let me know asap: 206-465-6963

  7. I’m a Portlander seeking to share a room at the conference hotel. My plan was to arrive by 7:00 p.m. Thursday evening, checking out Sunday morning but my itinerary is flexible. My day-to-day work involves public participation so attending this conference would be a great opportunity. The missing logistic – securing affordable lodging, at or near the conference facility. Prefer to stay with non-smoking female(s) if possible but willing to be flexible in the arrangements.

  8. Thanks everyone. I’ve secured a shared space.

  9. Elizabeth Erickson says:

    Driving from Portland to Seattle on Friday? I’m interested in carpooling (if there’s a forum specific to ridesharing, I couldn’t find it, so I’m posting here…)
    Thanks for your consideration

  10. Hello all,
    Looking for lodging roommate for secured room at Hyatt Olive 8 for Friday/Saturday nights. Driving in from Portland. Quiet, compact and clean. Non-smoker. Please email debilyn.molineaux@gmail.com. Thanks…we’ll have fun!

  11. Kara Whipple says:

    Hello all,
    I have just registered for the conference last minute and don’t yet have a place to stay. If anyone has a room that they would like to share (preferably within walking distance to the conference), please let me know. I am a 35 year old female from Eugene, OR. Having two young kids, I really appreciate the power of a good night’s sleep! In other words, I’m not really a night owl, but am wiling to go with the flow. Looking forward to meeting new people in Seattle!
    Thank you!!!

    • John Spady says:

      Hi Kara,
      I have a second guest room at my condo available for $70/night for up to 5 nights. About 1.2 miles from the conference hotel. Others here will meet for breakfast and then stuff ourselves into a carpool or walk the 25 easy minutes to the hotel in the early morning sunshine. Give me a call or let me know asap: 206-465-6963

      Also, I know at least two people from Eugene (Tom Atlee and Tree Bressen) who are taking the bus to Portland and then the train to Seattle… contact them if you want some company on the ride up.

      • John Spady says:

        Hi Kara, thanks for contacting me about the guest room.
        I’m confirming you can have it for 3 nights: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with your check out on Sunday.

        IF ANYONE ELSE HERE ON THIS LIST WANTS TO ESCAPE THE CONFERENCE HOTEL ON SUNDAY AND STAY LONGER IN SEATTLE FOR A GREAT PRICE… then the guest room at my condo is available starting Sunday, October 14 — it’s a great price at $70/night. Please contact me: 206-465-6963.

  12. Kim Ghostkeeper says:

    Hello all – I’m staying a few extra days after the conference – I’ve never been to Seattle – and would welcome someone who would point me to some interesting things to explore. I’ve heard the “under the city” tour would be worthwhile – other suggestions?

    I’m canadian and polite as heck – maybe you’d consider grabbing lunch and debriefing the whole conference experience? tweet me at ghostkeeperOK or email me at kim.ghostkeeper@gov.ab.ca
    Am I being too forward, sorry!?

  13. Beryl says:

    Vacant bedroom in my house available for one attendee, male or female. I’m attending all 3 days. If interested, email me for details: beryl8@comcast.net

  14. I have a room at the Hyatt with an extra queen bed for just Saturday night.

  15. John Spady says:

    I have a second guest room at my condo available for $70/night for up to 5 nights (Oct 10-15 or 16is possible). About 1.2 miles from the conference hotel. Others here will meet for breakfast and then stuff ourselves into a carpool or walk the 25 easy minutes to the hotel in the early morning sunshine. Give me a call or let me know asap: 206-465-6963

    • John Spady says:

      My second guest room is now taken for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights… but if you are going to be in Seattle longer, and want to avoid the high hotel charge, then I can still offer $70/night for Sunday and Monday nights, October 14 and 15… and maybe even longer if you need it. Please call my phone number in the message above to discuss this option for staying a while longer in beautiful Seattle.

  16. Hello all,
    Still looking for a room at the Hyatt…it has become my quest! I’ll be there two nights, Friday-Saturday. Attending the conference thru Sunday. I’m a compact, clean & quiet roommate. debilyn.molineaux@gmail.com Thanks!

  17. To Any Available Means:

    I am a registered volunteer and participant for/at this conference. I am seeking lodging (room-share) and accomodations within close proximity to the conference if not in the Hyatt itself to facilitate my volunteer availability throughout the conference. My budget is miniscule to none so if there is anyone of like-mind and compassion willing to help out it would be greatly appreciated?

    Feel free to contact me at:
    206-706-3396 landline
    206-781-7278 cell #1
    206-384-5749 cell #2

    Lastly, if anyone is interested in visiting the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden & Glass Exhibit while in town please let me know? I am employed there.

    -Min W D “Dell” Patterson
    OutReach Ministries, USA | CORE-G Group, funders/black think-tank/disseminators of information and data
    (The Resolutionary Society to Restore & Enhance Black-American Behavioral Attributes)
    P.O. Box 30505
    Seattle, WA 98113-0505
    “A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle.”
    -Kahlil Gibran

  18. Kenn Burrows says:

    Hello all,
    Looking for lodging within the Hyatt or close proximity to the conference. I’m a long time NCDD member and university faculty (San Francisco State) in Holistic Health Studies with a passion for redefining activism, media literacy and cultural healing.

    I’m a male and open to staying with either gender. Being an educator, I’m on a budget, and will have my sleeping bag in tow, and can land moat anywhere… as long as it is a smoke free environment. looking forward to a fun and growth-filed time.

    Please let me know if you have a spot.
    For now…
    Kenn Burrows

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