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Showcase Sessions at 2012 NCDD Conference

We’re excited to share the almost-final list of our featured presenters in this year’s “D&D Showcase” — a highly anticipated, high-energy event held on the first night of the 2012 NCDD conference. The Showcase is a fun way for you to meet some of the movers-and-shakers in our field and learn about their leading-edge projects, programs and tools.

Showcase presenters are asked to prepare a brief spiel to use as a conversation starter during this un-timed session, to provide handouts so you can follow up after the conference, and to prepare an eye-catching poster so people can easily identify their topic. More details about how the Showcase works are posted at www.ncdd.org/9222.

As you’ll notice when you scan the list below, this year we’re particularly emphasizing online tools for public engagement during the Showcase. Click on the video at the right to see a Showcase spiel and poster from the 2008 NCDD conference in Austin.

21st Century Agoras for Civic Innovation

Peter Jones, Founder of Dialogic Design International

The complex socio-political concerns facing our communities and democracies present us with design challenges, which we address with advanced social design practices for framing, inquiry, engagement, and participation.

Civic Reflection

Adam Davis, Director of the Center for Civic Reflection

Learn how civic reflection helps people talk across difference and invigorates communities and workplaces throughout the country.

Community Weaving

Cheryl Honey, Founder of Community Weaving

Community Weaving syncs with existing community infrastructures to build and bridge social capital and weave people and systems together into an interdependent whole community system that is responsive and adaptive to change.

ConsiderIt: A Platform for Public Deliberation

Jessica Jones, Program & Operations Manager at Seattle CityClub; Travis Kriplean, Post-Doc at the Computer Science & Engineering Department, University of Washington, Seattle; Caterina Rost, PhD Student at the Political Science Department, University of Washington, Seattle

ConsiderIt is a flexible platform for handing large scale public discussions and deliberations. Users can contribute points and consider each other’s points in reaching conclusions about proposals, organizational initiatives, ballot measures, and other issues. The technology is adaptable to various uses. For example, The Living Voters Guide (LVG) was developed by an interdisciplinary research team at the University of Washington in cooperation with the civic nonprofit organization CityClub. LVG is entering its third election to serve voters who seek reliable information and want to engage in civil public discourse with other voters to better inform their positions and electoral decisions on the 2012 ballot measures.

Democracy Lab

Mark Frischmuth, Board Chair/Founder of DemocracyLab

Creating online tools to help communities identify problems, construct solutions, make decisions and take collaborative action.

Dialogue Gap

Peter A. Nixon, Managing Director, Potential Dialogue

The explosion in digital communication over the last 20 years has diminished both the perceived importance of dialogue and our dialogue skills at a time when dialogue is needed more than ever before to solve our problems at work, at home and in society. Peter will highlight the solutions he is sharing with dialogue leaders around the world all of which are featured in his book, Dialogue Gap, which is launching in the USA at NCDD 2012.


Douglas Schuler, Professor at The Evergreen State College / Public Sphere Project

We’ll be unveiling the new version of e-Liberate, an online system that supports deliberative meetings using Roberts Rules of Order, possibly the most popular example of civic infrastructure ever.

Engaging Across Difference Through Cultural Awareness

Beth Hoke, Executive Director of Sharon Pluralism Network

Committed to the ideals of ‘Bridging Social Capital’, The Sharon Pluralism Network developed Cultural Awareness Protocols, in response to a request from Town officials, which helped town employees better understand the needs of a flourishing diverse community living in Sharon, MA.

Every Voice Engaged

Steve Dodds, Executive Director of Every Voice Engaged

Hear how the Every Voice Engaged Foundation helps citizens, governments and non-profit organizations increase civic engagement with in person and online serious games-driven collaborative events.

Evolition Decisions Inc: changing the way the world decides

Kathryn Thomson, CEO of Evolition Decisions Inc. (EDI) and John Dowler of PublicForums

A facilitated, online process for gaining widespread stakeholder support for complex orcontentious decisions where stakes are high and the consequences longlasting. Evolition uses software calledEthelo—it allows for the evaluation of multiple possibilities, effectivelyengages the expertise of diverse stakeholders, allocatesinfluence more fairly and transparently, and ultimately identifies thedecision that best represents the collective wisdom of a group.

Food matters: Citizen Panel on Food and Agriculture

Janet D. Fiero, Ph.D., Senior Associate at AmericaSpeaks

In 2012, the City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta’s Centre for Public Involvement formed a Citizen Panel to look at urban food and agriculture issues. Over six sessions, the citizens panel learned about, discussed, and recommended to City Council strategies about how people in Edmonton produce, distribute, and consume food.

The Global Dialogues Project

Kimberly King, Co-Founder & Director of One Island Institute for Social Innovation and Creative Partnership

Global Dialogues were launched in 16 countries in 2012, in coordination with the United Nations Rio+20 Summit. Their purpose is to catalyze cross-sectoral and public dialogues around the common theme: “Co-Creating the Future We Want.” We are seeking select teachers, practitioners and partners to become part of our network to facilitate an ongoing series of dialogues addressing a wide range of issues and themes.

Heart Governance: Embodying the New Social Contract

Dr. Franca Baroni, Innovator, Cor Publicum (http://corpublicum.us)

Heart governance is a system of governance and law for a society moved by heart intelligence.

Inspiring Action with the Emerging Issues Commons

Adam Brueggemann, Program Manager and John Coggin, Emerging Leaders Fellow at the Institute for Emerging Issues

The Emerging Issues Commons, a state-of-the-art physical and online civic engagement platform opening in North Carolina in 2013, will connect citizens from across the state to each other and to reliable data that will inform productive discussions and catalyze innovative collective community action.

Learning From and Conducting Engagement Experiments

Lisa PytlikZillig, Research Assistant Professor and Alan Tomkins, Director at University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

There are options for structuring public engagements for those not wedded to specific techniques. Conveners may want to choose from options or, even better, contribute to the knowledge base to move the field toward evidence-based practices. For example: Should discussants come to consensus or simply cast individual votes? Are there preferable ways to present background information to inform participants? We will showcase methods, tools, and examples of how to integrate engagement practices and experimental methods.

Living Room Conversations

Amanda Kathryn Roman and Joan Blades, Co-Creators of LivingRoomConversations.org

The overarching goal of the Living Room Conversations project is twofold: to reweave the social and political fabric of our society so that we realize how much we have in common thereby restoring civility to our local and national private and public dialogues & to gather the solutions that most Americans can agree upon and move towards collaborative action.


Steve Haycock, Regional Sales Manager at MindMixer

MindMixer helps you build a connected and contributing community by providing an online platform for meaningful conversations, ultimately leading to offline action.

National Issues Forums

Ellen Knutson, Northwestern Center for Civic Engagement and Kettering Foundation Associate

National Issues Forums provides citizens the opportunity to consider a broad range of choices, weigh the pros and cons of those choices, and meet with each other in a public dialogue to identify the concerns they hold in common. Stop by and learn more about NIFI.


Steve Artis, Owner of PMLINK360

I’ll be presenting a simple, web-based software to manage dialogue between your project and its many stakeholders.

Reclaim November

Kyle Bozentko, Director of Policy and Research, Jefferson Action

Citizens telling candidates what they expect, about issues that matter to them, and evaluating candidates based on those expectations – right when it matters most.

Seattle Heart Map

Jon Ramer, Co-Founder of Compassionate Seattle

We will demonstrate a state-of-the art visualization tool and inspired tactics that can support multi-stakeholder projects such as the Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest, the Local Food System Policy Landscape, and Young Partners in Development.

Strategic Planning as a Framework for Deliberative Democracy

Jon Poland, President of Crowdegy

We’ll explore how to use strategic planning techniques to engage groups in collectively addressing social issues where differences in perspective can inform/enhance the group process.

The Games People Play

Chari-Lynn Koppel, former attorney

This showcase will feature games that can be applied in collaborative governance to generate better, more cohesive and longer lasting solutions while simultaneously increasing citizen involvement.

The Institute for Civility in Government

Cassandra Dahnke, Co-Founder of the Institute for Civility in Government

Learn how the Institute is shifting the culture one voice at a time.

Tools to Support Social Deliberative Skills in Online Dialogue

Tom Murray, Senior Research Fellow at University of Massachusetts Amherst

I will describe progress on an NSF-funded project at UMass in which we are experimenting with using the Mediem deep dialog platform, a Facilitators Dashboard, and automated text analysis to support social deliberative skills in discussions about controversial topics.

What About Public Wisdom?

Tom Atlee, Director and Research Director of the Co-Intelligence Institute

How can the public use D&D to generate the real wisdom we need to guide public policy through the rapids of 21st century changes and challenges?

Women of Wisdom – Collaborative Business Structure Model

Kris Steinnes, Director of Krysalis Leadership

Discover how you can create a collaborative process into the structure of an organization to make lasting changes for harmonious and productive communications that strengthen individual’s contributions and the organization’s productivity.

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Sandy Heierbacher co-founded the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) with Andy Fluke in 2002, with the 60 volunteers and 50 organizations who worked together to plan NCDD’s first national conference. She served as NCDD's Executive Director between 2002 and 2018. Click here for a list of articles and resources authored by Sandy.

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