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From the CommunityAuthor Archives: Lucas Cioffi

Blogger Bio:  Lucas Cioffi graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Having served one year in Baghdad as an infantry officer, he realizes the need for effective dialogue and deliberation in preventing conflict. He is passionate about advanced online deliberative platforms and is co-founder of AthenaBridge.com.

Engagement Commons Launches

This morning I saw an announcement for the Engagement Commons, “a comprehensive and dynamic catalog of the tools available for civic engagement and the real-world stories of their deployments.”  I recommend that all NCDD members who focus on online engagement add some of their case studies to this resource. (continue)

Facilitators Needed for DC “One City Summit” Event

There’s an upcoming AmericaSpeaks event in DC that their outreach coordinator asked me to share.  Details from their recent announcement can be found below… AmericaSpeaks begins 2012 with an exciting project, the One City Summit, bringing together 1,000 residents from all eight wards of the District of Columbia for a frank and open conversation about what it means for Washington to become a more livable, vibrant, inclusive “One City.” Skilled, neutral table facilitation will be a critical element at this meeting, so we hope you will […] (continue)

White House seeking best practices in public participation

Here’s an important opportunity for our community to provide ideas that will positively influence the evolution of public participation at federal agencies. The following is the full text of a White House blog post from December 6, 2011: On September 20, 2011, on the margins of the U.N. General Assembly, the President announced the U.S. Open Government National Action Plan.  The Plan was developed through a process that involved extensive consultations with external stakeholders, including a broad range of civil society groups and members of the private sector, […] (continue)

White House Meeting on OpenGov Action Plan

In mid-September, the President announced a 26-point national action plan for opengov as part of the multilateral Open Government Partnership.  As a member of the NCDD Board of Directors, I was invited to attend a meeting yesterday at the White House Eisenhower Executive Office Building about progress on those action items. I found the meeting to be informative, and I found the focus and drive of the Administration officials to be encouraging.  Civil society organizations working in the area of transparency had much more representation […] (continue)

How to improve the White House’s new e-petition tool?

In tandem with the release of the US National Open Government Plan at the UN, the White House launched WeThePeople, an e-petition tool. AmericaSpeaks, IAP2USA, NCDD, and DDC are organizing a collective response from the American participation and deliberative democracy communities to offer guidance to administration officials on how it can be made as strong as possible. NCDD and organizations listed above set up an online suggestion box to aggregate our ideas on how the new platform can be approved.  We invite you to check out the White House’s petition […] (continue)

Report on White House’s July 22nd OGP Meeting

As posted here on the 20th, NCDD was invited to send 2 reps to Friday's meeting with White House officials and other open gov stakeholder groups, and we sent NCDD Board member Lucas Cioffi and Wayne Burke of the Open Forum Foundation (an NCDD organizational member). This is Lucas' report on the meeting on the Open Government Partnership. (continue)

The NCDD Dialogue on Race, Diversity, and Inclusion

Several months ago, there was a call for more discussion about diversity, race, and inclusion in our field. Using the NCDD discussion list, I put out a call for people who would be interested in pursuing this topic further, and we had a good number of people sign up. Three small groups, each with six NCDD members, will meet one day per week via phone over the next three weeks (7-8pm EDT July 13, 20, 27). I wanted to give readers of the blog one […] (continue)

Civic Infrastructure. Are we yawning yet?

I recently read a provocative book called Diminished Democracy on the recommendation of a friend.  When he handed it to me, he said “Every time I put it down, I did not want to pick it up, and every time I picked it up, I did not want to put it down.” The book discusses our anemic civic infrastructure and seems frustratingly accurate.  It presents an illuminating historical perspective that leaves one hoping for solutions.  It also seems relevant to the future we all choose […] (continue)

Bold Ideas for Public Engagement with Congress

If you are interested in improving how citizens and Congress communicate, I’d like to point you to the Open Model for Citizen Engagement (OM4CE), started by Wayne Burke, the visionary executive director of the Open Forum Foundation. Whether you are involved with elected representatives at the federal, state, or local level, there are some bold ideas swirling around in these conversations that you’ll probably find as intriguing as I do.  Person-for-person, this is the most inspired group of optimists and realists I have met who […] (continue)

An Experiment in Blending Dialogue Media

What’s working in our political system? What isn’t? Our company is OnlineTownhalls and we are passionate about improving the quality of our national dialogue. We recently joined the Open Model for Citizen Engagement Working Group here in Washington, DC which inspired us to give this a shot. From June 23-27, 2010 we are conducting an experiment called the American Townhall on National Politics. Our mission is to find deeper ways to discuss critical issues facing our democracy combining tools for discussion online, in-person, and over […] (continue)