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From the CommunityAuthor Archives: Matt Leighninger

Blogger Bio:  Matt Leighninger is Executive Director of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium and a Senior Associate of Everyday Democracy (formerly the Study Circles Resource Center). He is the author of the 2006 book "The Next Form of Democracy: How Expert Rule Is Giving Way to Shared Governance -- and Why Politics Will Never Be the Same."

Developing “Text, Talk, and Act”: A new strategy for combining ‘thick’ and ‘thin’ engagement

NCDD members may be interested in contributing to the development of a new public engagement process that will roll out in December as part of the National Dialogue on Mental Health. “Text, Talk, and Act” has been developed by Matt Leighninger of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium (DDC), the other members of the National Dialogue’s Creating Community Solutions partnership, and the directors of two civic technology nonprofits: Michelle Lee of Textizen and Michael Smith of United Americans. Sandy Heierbacher of NCDD, Raquel Goodrich of the National […] (continue)

Hot off the presses: The latest issue of the Journal of Public Deliberation (JPD)

JPD issue 9:2 is now available at www.publicdeliberation.net/jpd/.  The issue is our largest to date, with 18 manuscripts that include: Articles on topics such as: stakeholder and citizen roles in deliberation; participation in the New York Public Schools; a new study agenda for deliberative research; the effects of non-neutral moderators; and “communities of fate” and the challenges of international public participation. Essays on: the politics of decentralization; illiteracy and deliberative democracy; and connecting deliberation, community engagement, and democratic education. A symposium of articles presenting “New […] (continue)

Latest resources from the DDC

Hello NCDDers – We’re excited to announce the release of several new resources, the initial slate of speakers (and opening of registration) for the 2012 Frontiers of Democracy conference, the latest issue of the Journal of Public Deliberation, and a new edition of the DDC activities chart. – “Civic engagement is a rising local, national, and global force.” So begins Civic Engagement: The Next Chapter, a new position paper from the Alliance for Children and Families and the United Neighborhood Centers for America, written in […] (continue)

Recipes for innovation in public engagement

I was trying to find new ways to articulate some of the daunting challenges in our field. I was trying to make abstract concepts more real to the average reader. OK, I admit it – I was just hungry. I hope that my Recipes for Innovation in Public Engagement can help satisfy your own appetite! Over the last decade, we’ve learned a lot about what works – and what doesn’t – in public engagement. Now, with new pressures on schools, many educators are thinking hard […] (continue)

Does the White House need a democracy strategy?

Will the Obama Administration develop a democracy reform strategy that employs the democratic principles evident in the 2008 campaign? “We were so focused on getting things done that we forgot to change how we get things done,” said the president after the 2010 midterms. “A Vital Moment,” my white paper for the Bertelsmann Foundation, describes the muddled state of the Administration’s thinking about citizenship, and suggests some potential directions for the democracy reform movement. (continue)