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Blogger Bio:  This post was submitted by a member of the NCDD community. NCDD members are leaders and future leaders in the fields of public engagement, conflict resolution, and community problem solving. You, too, can post to the NCDD blog by completing the Add-to-Blog form at www.ncdd.org/submit.

Jim Snider’s Idea for the President’s Open Gov Plan

J.H. Snider, NCDD member and president of iSolon.org, put forward the following proposal to the White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) in response to their solicitation for ideas for the Open Government Plan at opengov@ostp.gov. He begins: "Let’s take cost away as an excuse for not webcasting and recording public meetings...." (continue)

How do we measure progress?

In an era where what gets measured matters, how do we measure a movement towards more participatory forms of democracy or greater transparency? I've been in conversation with a municipality that is about to develop a Charter for Citizens Engagement. Part of the challenge is that councillors want to know how they will measure progress. Any ideas? (continue)

Global Mind Changes

The theme I would like to explore with NCDD is suggested by the titles of several books, including "Global Mind Change," "Global Shift," "The Global Brain," and "Towards A New World View. What is a "world view"? What is meant by "global mind change"? As I understand them they are related to what the author of the book, "Global Shift" describes as "a remarkable change ... taking place that will profoundly influence the way we see ourselves and our world." I expect that a conversation on NCDD can help us develop our understanding of what appears to be a very profound change -- and how we can relate to it. (continue)

Libraries For Democracy Seeks Collaborators & Members

Libraries For Democracy is a new (as of July 4th, 2011) web-based service to libraries and the general public. It encourages libraries to provide democracy and social issues related information and programming to their communities. It also provides free, non-partisan information to the public. LFD needs library members. NCDD members can help by encouraging their local libraries (public and academic) to become members and to provide programming with the help of local NCDD moderators. Please visit the LFD website at www.LibrariesForDemocracy.com, and consider becoming an […] (continue)

CDS Announces New Book Series

The Community Development Society (CDS) has recently announced three volumes in a new Community Development Research and Practice book series, including Community Visioning Programs edited by Norman Walzer from Northern Illinois University and Gisele Hamm from  Western Illinois University. Other books and information about contributing to the series can be found in this handout and order form. Submitted via NCDD’s post-to-blog form by Lori Landry of The Community Development Society (CDS). Viewing community development as a profession that integrates knowledge from many disciplines, CDS furthers community […] (continue)

Northern NJ foundation seeking local collaborators

Looking for NCDDers in Northern New Jersey. Our foundation convenes civic and educational leaders to discuss/resolve shared problems/opportunities in the fields of Education, Public Health, and Civic Engagement. We have recently instituted “The Hackensack River Compact” as a “tent” under which six communities: Bergenfield, Bogota, Englewood, Hackensack, New Milford, and Teaneck come together to benefit together by collaborating on many projects which heretofore were not even imagined as possible. We are asking, system-wide, “What might you be able to accomplish together that you cannot alone?” […] (continue)

Submissions for National Collegiate Dialogue on Race

The National Collegiate Dialogue on Race Relations, http://www.usariseup.com/category/department/national-collegiate-dialogue , is requesting submissions to be used for the "Conversation" or "Issue" of the week. Submissions will be posted for students from colleges and universities across the country to have an online dialogue about a major issue in contemporary society--race relations. The submissions can be in the form of a position statement, research paper or article, thought-provoking question, or video lecture. (continue)

PCRC Facilitation Training Aug 18 & 19 in San Mateo, CA

The Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC) will be offering our a Facilitation Training Thursday and Friday, August 18 and 19 in San Mateo, CA. The Training teaches people the building blocks of delivering an effective meeting. This 2 day training highlights agenda development, managing difficult behaviors, tips on how to ensure group engagement, as well as how to identify stakeholders and get them to the table. (continue)

$1,000 Challenge from the NCDD Board

Hi, I’m Marla Crockett, president of the NCDD Board of Directors.  By now you’ve probably heard about NCDD’s first ever fund drive.  Our goal is to raise $10,000 by August 10th, and thanks to so many of you, we’re 70% of the way there!  It’s an experiment for us, and we’re succeeding, perhaps because you’ve recognized the value NCDD has brought to thousands since 2002–and our need of funds to keep doing this important work. If you haven’t contributed yet, here’s a Board Challenge to […] (continue)

How to become a newDemocracy group in your country!

How to become a newDemocracy group in your country. (continue)