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Call for volunteers for Creating Community Solutions

On June 3rd, President Obama launched a national dialogue on mental health. NCDD is involved in an exciting initiative called Creating Community Solutions, which is a key part of the national dialogue.

ccs-logoCreating Community Solutions will convene community conversations across the country in which citizens can learn about mental health and explore ideas to make their own communities more healthy.

A number of leading deliberative democracy organizations have been working for several months to create an infrastructure to support this initiative — the National Institute for Civil Discourse, the Deliberative Democracy Consortium, the National Issues Forums Institute, AmericaSpeaks, Everyday Democracy, and the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation.

In addition to many face-to-face events of various sizes (including several larger events being organized by Everyday Democracy, AmericaSpeaks and National Issues Forums), there will be an online platform run by The Civic Commons to encourage citizens to participate in the national conversation on mental health.

We hope many of you decide to get involved in this exciting initiative. If we can get involved en masse, we have the potential here to:

  1. Demonstrate what our field can do together — utilizing a wide variety of approaches to help citizens learn about and take action on mental health.
  2. Use this unique opportunity to learn with each other about what strategies, resources, tactics, outreach, etc. work and don’t work in a large-scale, multi-method national dialogue that benefits from attention from the president and vice president themselves.

Please complete the form below to let us know you’re interested in getting involved — or to submit questions or ideas.