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Get Involved in the NCDD Community

Image of a word cloud about NCDDThere are many ways to get involved in the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation.

First and foremost, if you’re not already a member, you should join NCDD! By joining, you become part of a dynamic, diverse network of innovators who bring people together across divides to discuss, decide, and act together on today’s toughest challenges. You’ll also be the first to hear about (and participate in) all of NCDD’s activities, like our Confab Calls and Tech Tuesdays, our national conferences and local events, and all of our efforts to help our field become more effective and to make more of an impact.

Members are encouraged to utilize the Maximize-Your-Membership page to take full advantage of being part of this great community of practice.

Whether you are a member of NCDD or not, you can utilize the following outlets to share resources, get input on your ideas, publicize your D&D-related events and trainings, find facilitators or convenors, obtain advice from seasoned colleagues, launch collaborative projects and more!

And feel free to contact us if you have a question or interest that’s not addressed here.

NCDD’s Main Social Media Outlets

  • Facebook fan page – super-useful, as we’re using the page to automatically share posts from over 60 of our members’ blogs!
  • Facebook group – a great place to connect quickly with more than 3,100 people in our field
  • LinkedIn group – network with over 2,300 NCDDers
  • Twitter stream – fyi we use the hashtags #ncdd, #demopart, and #bridgingourdivides
  • YouTube D&D playlists – valuable public playlists where we’ve organized hundreds of great videos from our field

More about all of NCDD’s social media is online at www.ncdd.org/social.

NCDD’s Listservs and E-Updates

L-Soft LISTSERV logo.NCDD runs numerous email discussion lists (powered and donated by L-Soft’s LISTSERV®) to foster networking, information-sharing and collaboration within the dialogue and deliberation community.

Our most active listserv – the NCDD Discussion list – has over 1,500 subscribers as of April 2017, and is a source for advice and inspiration to many in the field. We also run regional lists, interest-based lists, a jobs list and lists for NCDD working groups. Learn more about all our discussion lists and subscribe!

We also run several one-way announcement lists, including the NCDD Updates list. NCDD’s monthly updates keep over 28,000 people informed about opportunities and goings-on in the world of dialogue & deliberation, and many people find them to be valuable and inspiring (subscribe at www.ncdd.org/updates). We run another announcement list for NCDD members only, and a third for those interested in staying updated on NCDD events (send a blank email to NCDD-Conference-Updates-subscribe-request@lists.thataway.org to subscribe).

NCDD’s Community News Blog

The NCDD blog has kept thousands updated on news and opportunities in dialogue and deliberation since 2004 (back when we had to explain what a “blog” actually was!). With new posts added every couple days, NCDD’s blog is one of the best places to stay informed about upcoming events, news about programs, and educational and training opportunities in intergroup dialogue, deliberative democracy, conflict resolution, and public engagement.

NCDD2012-wFranKorten-borderVisit www.ncdd.org/news to see the latest posts. You can use the search field, post tags or sidebar navigation options to hone in. Check out the “NCDD projects” tag for the latest news on NCDD’s own projects and partnerships.

Participate by adding comments to any post.  NCDD members are encouraged to use the form at www.ncdd.org/submit to submit news for review and posting to the blog. Keep your submissions as brief as possible (2 to 4 paragraphs is best) and include a link where people can find more details.

NCDD Resource Center

Our Resource Center is chock-full of all kinds of resources about and for dialogue & deliberation.  We have categorized, described, and linked to over 3,100 discussion guides, assessment tools, case studies, D&D programs and organizations, articles, books, videos, and more.  It’s a must-see resource.

Find it at www.ncdd.org/rc, or click on “resources” at the top of any page on the site. You can use the search field, categories, tags or sidebar navigation options to hone in. We especially recommend you use the “I’m Looking For…” sidebar box that lets you cross-search categories and tags.

Participate by submitting resources for review and posting at www.ncdd.org/rc/add.

National Conferences and Other Events

NCDD hosts regular online events, highlighting cutting edge tools during our Tech Tuesdays and hosting discussions with leading practitioners or drivers of key initiatives in the field during our Confab Calls.

Our web technology and online events help connect members of NCDD and the greater dialogue and deliberation community, but nothing beats the face-to-face interaction of NCDD conferences.

NCDD has held seven well-regarded biennial national conferences focused on strengthening and uniting the D&D community – in Alexandria, Virginia in 2002; Denver, Colorado in 2004; San Francisco, California in 2006; Austin, Texas in 2008; Seattle, Washington in 2012; Reston, Virginia in 2014; and Boston, Massachusetts in 2016 – attended by 2,800 people from two dozen countries. In fall 2010, we held 5 member-led regional events in Boston, Austin, Denver, Portland and the San Francisco Bay Area, attended by over 700 people.

Email NCDD’s Managing Director Courtney Breese at courtney@ncdd.org and let her know if you are interested in helping to plan future national or regional NCDD events. Click here to learn more about NCDD’s events, or click on “events” at the top of any page.